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Re: Study - Pharmaceutical Drugs Kill More Than Auto Acciden

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2011, 00:35
by Arouet
the question is how do we determine whether alternative medicines work. Also: clinical trials. If they pass then they are no longer called "alternative", they just become "medicine".

Re: Study - Pharmaceutical Drugs Kill More Than Auto Acciden

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2011, 02:30
by Craig Browning
What you are leaving out of those statistics is the number of people using those guns with an established criminal record, how many are repeat offenders and how many have no proper training when it comes to respecting and use of firearms. When these things are taken into account those statistics you offered on gun related death shift toward the fools holding the gun, not the weapon. A gun will sit in one spot and rust itself into the earth if left unattended and untouched by a human being; it cannot shoot anyone or harm anything and that's the reality. Anti-gun lobbyists want you to not consider that fact and thus, blame the thing vs. the source.

Yes, the U.S. is a very violent nation and there are many contributing reasons for this starting with religious arrogance but including old world biases (tribal as well as racial issues) and in some cases "desperation" -- situations in which a given group of people create "gangs" in order to elevate themselves and "their" people. Then too, we have good ole capitalism to thank alongside that fame "love of" money which will lead people to all kinds of underhanded meanderings.

:idea: If we pause for a moment and really weigh the reason for so much violence in the U.S. we could say that the Love of Money is quite likely the prime catalyst followed closely by the illusion of power over others. Just look at the way of the "1%" and the dark shadows found within their aura and business practices. So many we need to do a statistical look at how much death, unrest and mayhem money has caused and push to outlaw it?

Then again, Money don't hurt people on itself and can be proved rather helpful, it's how you use it. . . kind of like Nuclear Energy, Oil, Booze, Food. . .