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Discussions about Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine.
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DNA Activation With Music

20 Sep 2011, 06:46

This 4 CD set is accompanied by Companion Guide. Each CD contains multi-dimensional, shapeshifting, organic soundscapes channeled with clear and impeccable intent from a deep connection with the Creative Muse. This cybershamanic ambient music is a transcendent and profoundly powerful tool for awakening and activating the full 12 strand DNA codex - our bridge between the multiple dimensions of matter and the Divine. The Companion Guide provides insightful transmissions about the vast potential of this transformational music - the next step in sound healing.

Imagine if you woke up one morning and realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed.That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all disease, and REVERSE the aging process. Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind, and become intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life. There is now a process which will allow you to do all these things and more, and it is called DNA Activation.

Dna Activation - Level One - CD1 - Initiation
Dna Activation - Level One - CD2 - Initiation
DNA Activation - Level One - CD3 - initiation
DNA Activation - Level One - CD4 - initiation
Odyssey - Bioenergyfield Balancing And Harmonizing
Shambala - Abundance, Opening, Clearing

Re: DNA Activation With Music

21 Sep 2011, 00:51

Wow... thanks for the SPAM. . .did you bring any eggs and hash browns to go with it?
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