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Interesting ... (NDE Related)

Discussions about Afterlife Research, Survival Science, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Spirit Communication, Mediumship, Ghosts, Spirits, etc.

Interesting ... (NDE Related)

Postby Eteponge » 27 Sep 2009, 13:21

One of my brother's best friends and co-workers, a firefighter, recently had a profound near death experience. My brother told him about how I wrote that well known online article about NDEs, and he asked him if he would like me to interview him about his NDE, my brother said he could set up an interview with him about it.

Here's what my brother told me about this guy's NDE ...

He was clinically dead for several minutes, they had to shock him EIGHT TIMES to bring him back. He related that he found himself walking around outside of his body. He noticed some EMT working on someone on the floor, one of whom was his friend, so he asked him what he was doing, and who he was working on. But he wouldn't answer him. So he looked over, and saw that the guy was HIMSELF who was being worked on. He overheard their conversations, saw things in the room going on that was outside of his line of vision, heard some advanced medication stuff being spoken of that he as a basic firefighter doesn't know. His son died over a year ago, and he appeared and spoke to him during his NDE, and now that he came back from the NDE, he says he doesn't fear death, and feels a calmness he's never felt before.
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