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Quantum Physics and the Skeptics

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2009, 04:13
by jillatay
So where to the skeptics stand when it comes to Quantum Physics? Cutting edge science is using observable experiments to show consciousness is highly integrated with manifested reality. Do the skeptical groups also deny these findings? If so what is there argument? If this has already been addressed, please point me to the links. Thanks in advance.


Re: Quantum Physics and the Skeptics

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2009, 18:13
by Scepcop
Good question Jill. They simply say that quantum physics do not prove New Age ideas. And they charge that we are making huge leaps over small discoveries. They also claim that the properties of the micro world do not apply to the macro world, which is rubbish since the macro world is made up of the micro world. It's another example of them lacking common sense.

If you want to read what they've written about it, google "Victor Stenger" or "Martin Gardner". They've written articles against the paranormal and quantum physics. Or just go to CSICOP's site at and do a search for quantum physics in their back issues, which you can read online for free. You can also go to Bob Carroll's The Skeptics Dictionary at and find his entry on quantum physics. He undoubtedly has one.

In reading their articles, what you will find is that they don't really debunk anything. They merely deny and dismiss it. It's mostly subjective and their opinion. Or they build straw mans and knock them down. Basically they simply say "It can't be, so it isn't".