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Do you think time is an illusion?

28 Jun 2012, 23:08


There is simply no universal now and within the physical universe time varies in different gravity fields and at speeds near to that of Light time is unique to the experiencer, relative and not objective. I thinktime can also be expressed as a sort of infinitely stretchable and shrinkable elastic band. The faster you go relative to the rest of the universe the more the band of time shrinks relative to you and stretches behind you relative to the rest of the universe.

Time” is an illusion, a purely human construct of mankind, designed for convenience in order to measure a perceived “past”, “present” and “future”. The illusion of “time” on Earth is maintained by means of a scientific measurement of the relative positions of the Earth and the Sun in the physical three dimensional Universe in order to observe the seasons and the time the Earth takes for a complete rotation relative to the Sun in the measurement of ongoing” time”, in turn measured by various physical instruments such as clocks, calendars and charts.

Beyond the perceptions of most of those in the physical world, “time” simply does not exist. There is only Now, the Eternal Now where everything that has happened, is happening and ever will happen relative to the Earth concept of time already exists, always has existed and always will exist. Beyond Earth in the afterlife, therefore, the concepts of “past, present and future” simply do not and cannot exist.

All Energy/Matter are influenced by the causation of thought before configuring, manifesting as an observable effect in the plane at which the thought originated. Thus from thought all things including time are created, both by the mind of God and man.

Everything that happens, ever happened and ever will happen in the entire Universe therefore, including the physical world, first originated as a thought originating from the Mind of a Being, eventually will become a reality.

Since the beginning of the human concept of “time” mankind has sought to live life based around that concept, thereby always thinking in terms of past present and future rather than Now understand these realities.

When a person thinks in the future tense, for example ” I will”, “I want”, “I could” then the Energy being influenced by those thoughts that can manifest into individual reality will be influenced but only in the Now, with the perceived future never actually arriving.

So if someone thinks, says or behaves in a manner that implies “I want”, then that person is placing themselves into a perpetual state of “wanting” but never of actually receiving. The vast majority of the human race today exists to some extent in a state of such wanting, while never reaching a state of I have in the Ever-Now Moment.
By Alan

Re: Do you think time is an illusion?

28 Jun 2012, 23:15

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