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Re: Transhumanism: Man/Machine Fusion = End of Humanity?

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 05:19
by Scepcop
I just had a scary realization.

Do you think smart phones are a step toward Transhumanism, or the future integration of man and machine into a new cybernetic race? Are they part of the conditioning to program us to accept becoming integrated with cybernetic organisms when the time comes, as some experts such as Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku, predict? This is not science fiction. Even Time Magazine reported that this was a serious possibility:

Anyhow, consider this:

Most people with smart phones either have an iPhone or an Android right? Well the word "iPhone" sounds like saying that "I am a phone". So it's like programming your subconscious to see you and your phone as one. Such is the fusion of man and machine. Likewise, an "Android" is a human looking robot, which we've learned from sci fi movies and TV shows like Star Trek. So it also programs us to see our phones as "human robots".

So, both terms program our subconscious to want to fuse man and machine as one, or integrate them.

Thus, the purpose of the smart phone then, is to get us ready to accept becoming cybernetic organisms, which will be the next step of human evolution that will replace all natural human beings and render them obsolete.

Furthermore, you know how we always have to constantly "update" and "upgrade" our Android operating systems and our smart phone apps? Well could that too be training us and programming us to want to "update" and "upgrade" ourselves when the time comes to gradually turn us into cybernetic beings?

Scary huh? All this is right under our noses and we don't see it.

This must be why there are movies now that glorify the fusion of man and machine, such as the Iron Man movies, the Transformers movies, and Elysium.

And of course, the internet itself, as well as video games and RPG's, are also conditioning us to live in a "virtual reality world" or "cyber world". Perhaps this is the true purpose of the internet and video games?

This also explains the purpose behind feminism, the disintegration of family, the programming of singles to not want to marry, the push for transgenderism, GMO's, and the plans to depopulate the human race and lower the birth rate (which is what's happening in Western countries and in Japan and Taiwan).

The elites behind Transhumanism needs there to be less people so the transition to Transhumanism will be quicker and involve less people to transform. Especially since real people will become obsolete under Transhumanism. This is why they want there to be under 500 million people in the world, as stated in the Georgia guide stones, which allegedly contain the Ten Commandments of the New World Order.

Furthermore, they want to make sex outdated too, so that the new technocratic society will simply reproduce humans in laboratory facilities without the need of men and women or families. That's why they've made women in America go for feminism and become masculine, with masculine voices and bodies, so that they will not want men and men will not want them either. That way, humans will not reproduce and the birth rate will be lowered.

That's why they want to push Transgenderism so that men and women will not seek each other to create families and bear children. They want men and women to become the same and not see any gender differences, so they won't need each other anymore nor create families together. That way, no more real humans will be reproduced that they will have to get rid of to make way for Transhumanism. That's why any notions of gender distinction are now demonized as "sexist" under politically correctness.

Pretty sickening and disgusting huh?

Also, GMO's and processed foods in America are probably there to genetically engineer Americans to be more artificial and less natural. That way, it will be easier for them to accept becoming cybernetic machines and robots in the future, to make the transition to Transhumanism easier and smoother. In short, people will accept becoming robotic if they already are artificial and genetically modified from the food, water, chemtrails in the air, and vaccines in America.

All these changes happen gradually, so people won't know what's going on until it's too late.

It's pretty sick and dishonest for the elites to do all this without our consent huh? But of course, they think they know what's best for us and for the world, than we do.

What this also means is that the Zeitgeist movement, which advocates a technocratic utopia society to replace the monetary society, must be a trojan horse movement as well, since it would be in support of Transhumanism. In fact, near the end of the second film, "Zeitgeist Addendum", the all seeing eye of Horus (an Illuminati/Freemasonic symbol shown in many movies to pay homage to whatever these cabals worship) is clearly shown with the Sun behind the hands in a triangle shape.

On a deeper note, I get the sense that movies are not just entertainment for the public. They are a form of ritual worship that the Illuminati creates to honor and pay homage to whatever higher powers they worship -- which they have always made sacrifices to in the form of wars, mass killings, staged tragedies and accidents, and suspicious mysterious murders that are written off as accidents or natural causes. If true, it would explain a lot.

Note: If you think this is just a paranoid science fiction dystopia theme, see this Time Magazine article about how it's a real future possibility:

Re: Transhumanism: Man/Machine Fusion = End of Humanity?

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 08:07
by NinjaPuppy
I suppose it's always possible but IMO it's more likely a way of dumbing down the human race and getting them to accept information spoon fed to them.

Re: Transhumanism: Man/Machine Fusion = End of Humanity?

PostPosted: 07 Dec 2014, 03:16
by Scepcop
Check out this 10 minute intro promoting the benefits and logic of Transhumanism. It's very scary. I can't believe it's actually serious. It must be a joke. No one would agree to this. It also falsely assumes that the human soul doesn't exist and that Darwinian Macroevolution is a fact that explains the human species.

Here is a vocal Christian conspiracy theorist called "The Vigilant Christian" tearing apart the intro above.

And here is that same Christian guy exposing the movie "Transcendence" with Johnny Depp as a pro-Transhumanism movie promoting a Satanic agenda.

Re: Transhumanism: Man/Machine Fusion = End of Humanity?

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2014, 20:44
by Scepcop
The problem with transhumanism is that it assumes that consciousness can be uploaded into a computer or robot. Yet we do not even understand what consciousness is. It seems to exist in a quantum field that is non physical and most likely extra-dimensional. So it may not be possible to upload or transfer consciousness like some files on a computer. It also assumes that the human soul doesn't exist, which is just an Atheistic assumption. It cannot explain consciousness nor how consciousness can originate from unconscious matter.

Here are some articles debunking transhumanism and the notion that human consciousness can be uploaded.