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How to deal with annoying situations on this forum

23 Dec 2009, 01:16

Here are a few suggestions that will give you the best possible internet experience while on this forum -

1. If you see one of the 'usual suspects' (trolls) posting again, feel free to use the 'Report This Post' feature located in the upper right hand corner of the offending post. It appears as an upside down triangle with a red exclamation point in the center. Only Admin and Mods can see your comments, so if you don't care to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, report them this way. This feature is also good should a member cross over to the 'dark side' in the heat of debate etc. It is NOT to be used because the opposing poster is considered 'lame' or 'off topic' by your personal standards. Either ignore them or politely remind them about their off topic banter yourself. Please do not resort to name calling or foul language while making them aware of this.

2. Request for removal of someone elses post can be a sticky situation. Just because you don't agree with someone's statement, believe it or not, it does not require that his/her post be removed. May I suggest that you simply point out what you feel is flawed in their logic by either directly addressing it or simply ignore it and move on. Silence is golden and by ignoring a comment, it can make your point much quicker than sidetracking the topic at hand.

3. If you notice any annoying spambot infiltration, please feel free to report the offending post and it will be removed. Do not reply to the spambot as your reply will only be deleted with the offending OP.

4. Should by some strange chance a topic gets locked, this is not an opportunity to start an identical topic to finish the job. Please don't continue or carry over a heated debate to another topic either. You will find yourself on the unsavory end of a temporary ban.

5. New members - We suggest that you introduce yourself and please do NOT put any links in your signature until further notice. Your membership ID may be deleted and your IP banned by the spambot patrol. If you can not live without a link to your personal piece of the internet, please PM me (NinjaPuppy) and in 25 words or less, explain why you absolutlely must have a link in your signature to be a part of the forum. Otherwise it may wind up to be a 'hasta la vista baby!' kind of situation. We certainly don't want to lose any real human beings in the spambot invasion, so please take the time.

I'm sure that almost every one of you will have your own suggestions to add to this list. However, the SCEPCOP forum was developed to be an open forum with as few 'rules' as possible. Should you have a particular sticky situation that you would like to discuss, feel free to PM away and your comments will certainly be addressed. Your feedback is important and can only help SCEPCOP grow into a friendly and educational forum.
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