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Flying Pigasus/Stundie awards

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2009, 03:44
by jakesteele
I was inspired by reading on JREF about their Flying Pigasus and Stundie awards and I thought it would be a great to create our own to award to the most outrageous and scandalous attempts to use what I call Ocaam's Hammer - the simplest solution is not usually the best, it is always the best…no matter what." What I mean by that is this, a vid of Joe Nickell attempting to debunk human levitation on a History Channel special

Go to 1:10 and watch Shameless Joe Nickell employ what I call an "Implausible Plausible -

1. Trying to make something fit where it doesn’t fit. Every explanation MUST be a plausible and mundane one, even when it doesn’t fit.
2. It is better to be mundane and wrong than to be complex and right.
(See Ocamm’s Beard – the simplest solution isn’t always the right one)
3. Trying to fit a size 9 foot into a size 6 shoe.

I think it would be fun and it would give them their just comeuppance, hoist them by their own petards, as it were. I think we should think of some names like: The Bundy Award (as in Al Bundy), The Cyclops Award (get it, one eye = tunnel vision).