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Just pointing out...

17 Jul 2014, 11:26

Hi there,
I really enjoyed your article. However, if you want people to take you seriously, you might want to change the word "Circular" to the proper word "Secular". Otherwise you are just getting laughed at.

Debunking Christian "Circular" Arguments and Assumptions.

Also, to navigate this site is a mess. I would go through a large maze with a blindfold on and get the same result.

Re: Just pointing out...

17 Jul 2014, 15:41

Why? Christian "Secular" arguments wouldn't make sense since Christianity is not secular. You aren't making any sense here.

Re: Just pointing out...

23 Jul 2014, 17:56

Actually, Winston is right on this one! Perhaps the OP should look up "circular" to find that it has two meanings, one of which is "logical fallacy."
(Not that I agree with all that was written in his treatise, but only agreeing that his use of the word circular was correct. Information presented in the treatise is a different story altogether.)

Re: Just pointing out...

23 Jul 2014, 19:49

Thanks ProfWag. But what in my treatise about Christian circular arguments do you disagree with? It makes a lot of sense. Critical thinkers tend to agree with it.

Re: Just pointing out...

23 Jul 2014, 23:50

I'll get some popcorn ready for this discussion! Not to mention I'll need to re-read Debunking Christians to get in the groove.

Re: Just pointing out...

24 Jul 2014, 19:40

Primarily, the reason I disagree with the piece is that there is virtually no reference. You mention terms like "many Christians" but don't say who these Christians are. How many? Is this based on your personal belief or is there some kind of reference point. You're asking the reader to trust your opinion and, frankly, I can't do that. I'll give specifics over the next few days as I find some time.
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