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Should we use a Portal for this forum?

Yes that looks cool. I'd like to see a Portal here too. Many of the larger forums use it, so there must be a good reason.
No, it's not necessary and would just be a distraction.
I don't care. No opinion.
No votes
Total votes : 2

Should we use a Portal to this forum? See examples here

25 Aug 2010, 18:30

Hi all,
Many of the large forums use Portals on their index page. A portal looks like this:

As you can see, there are blocks laid out all around with features on them. On the Randi forum, the latest threads are in the main body, so the user can see the latest active topics. From there, you can go to the normal hierarchy, like this for instance:

Should we have a Portal on this forum too? There are mods I found that I can install here that might turn the index page of this forum into a Portal too, if they work that is.

Do you all prefer that?

I will start a poll on this I guess. So cast your vote or post your opinion.
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