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Winston's ongoing interviews on New American Dream Radio

20 Jul 2014, 02:51

Hi folks,
Here are my last two interviews on The New American Dream Radio Show, from May and June. Both of them were about the evidence for the Apollo Moon Landing hoax. I only had 15 minutes to talk in each one, so I had to summarize a lot of evidence and points as quickly as possible.



My conspiracy report that I referenced in those two interviewed is here:

This month, for July, they let me talk about my 4th of July special article "6 Reasons Why America is NOT The Land of the Free". In 15 minutes, I summarized a lot of my points from it about why America is not as free as it claims. I gave many comparisons and examples, even about the social culture. I was surprised that they allowed me to talk about that, because this is usually a taboo subject, even in the conspiracy movement. Here is the link to listen to it.


And here is the link to my article that I discussed on the show.

Re: Winston's ongoing interviews on New American Dream Radio

20 Dec 2014, 07:03

Hi all,
Oops I just realized that I forgot to post my August and September interviews on The New American Dream Radio here. So here they are. I included the description of what I talked about below from their website. In August I talked about the shocking new evidence I discovered about the Apollo Moon Hoax. In September, on the anniversary of 9/11, I talked about the discrepancies and impossibilities of the official explanation for the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11, and listed the proposed theories by the 9/11 Truth Movement about the planes and how they could have penetrated the towers without resistance or any slowing down.

August 2014 Interview

Winston presented more evidence about the moon landing hoax, and directed listeners to a NASA documentary, “Failure is Not an Option”. where they should listen to certain statements by the Mission Control Director

September 2014 Interview

Winston discussed the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11/01 and how the official story just does not make sense. He discussed the possible alternative explanations including drone aircraft, controlled demolition, and the use of holograms.
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