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Let's Name Pluto Moons Vulcan, Romulus, William Shatner Says

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2013, 04:06
by really?
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"Astronomers put out the call this week for cosmic names worthy of the two unnamed moons of Pluto, and Captain James T. Kirk has answered. Famed actor William Shatner, who portrayed the iconic "Star Trek" starship captain, wants to call them "Vulcan" and "Romulus."

Pluto has five moons but only three of them — Charon, Nix and Hydra — have names. The most recently discovered moons are known by the rather drab names P4 and P5. The two tiny moons are only 15 to 20 miles (20 to 30 kilometers) wide. Pluto and its three named moons are all named for Greek and Roman characters related to the underworld, and scientists are hoping to continue that tradition for the two newest moons.

But Shatner thinks the astronomers running the vote at the SETI Instituteoverlooked a couple important possible monikers for the moons. More ... atner.html "