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Atlantis (Mu?)

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2010, 04:39
by Twain Shakespeare
I favor the Thera Vocanic event, based on the notion that Solon got the figures wrong by a factor of ten when translating from the Egyptian. See Poul Anderson's Dancer From Atlantis for a fictional account of this event.

I have also heard theories plausibly placing "Atlantis" (perhaps Mu would be abetter term) in the Black Sea, Red Sea, or Meditteranean basins. Any comments, theories, evidence?

May your experiences be groovy.

Re: Atlantis (Mu?)

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2010, 00:54
by Craig Browning
Mu (Lemuria) was a completely different place than Atlantis... it was in the Pacific while Atlantis was located in the Pacific; indicators strongly supporting the idea that Atlantis was probably somewhere near present day Cuba and up into the Bermuda region (and this goes well beyond the Cayce suggestions).

Lemuria, like Atlantis, has seen many theories but most point to the same bits of information and geography;the last remnants of the continent being more of a bridge between India and as far south as Australia. I'd recommend looking at the various research by David Childress as well as the older, more controversial offerings by James Churchwood.

The confusion on both is based on what most tales describe as a slow motion vanishing rather than the cataclysmic drama we tend to envision. While that is part of the legend, it describes the final stages of the sinking, not the "decay" of the land mass over centuries of time.

Apparently both continents were once quite massive and actually "linked" (for an example) Asia with parts of Africa or Europe to North America. Atlantis in particular, was said to have been composed of several different "islands" that made up the 'continent" as it were (actually, it was more of a nation-state with "Atlantis" itself, being a central city & harbor... that is, if we go by the traditional descriptions.

The issue with MU centers on how certain species (plant as well as animal) seem to "skip"... there is no logical reason why certain animals exist exclusively on one island and no where else and at the same time, why specific plant life was originally found only in those areas in which Lemuria is said to have been part of... where portions of an Island or continent "fell into the sea". Lore that seem quite prolific throughout the south pacific when you deal with the native peoples who've preserved their traditions. Adding to this are some new anthropological studies that suggest that some "other" races came into North America long before the famed Bearing Straight Bridge migration. Even Churchward's research intimated such things a century back. While his theories got him drummed out of academics in his day, more and more of what he shared is being "proven" or at minimum, given reason for a second, deeper look.

If you simple google "Maps+Leuruia" you will get an abundance of material, most of which seems to sustain the India/Indonesian connection to MU.

Re: Atlantis (Mu?)

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2014, 23:25
by DrFrankinstien
Neither place really existed. Plato used the idea as a tool in his classes.