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Need help explaining recent experiences

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

Need help explaining recent experiences

Postby JustCallMeEd » 22 Nov 2013, 03:04

To start off I am asking this on behalf of my mother. She doesn't have internet access to ask about her experiences, but she has been telling me about them and I have every reason in the world to believe her. She does not exaggerate. To give a bit of back story, she has been told before by people that she is 'sensitive'. We have moved a lot due to financial situations, and she has been able to know that something bad has happened there before. We both share this feeling, and many times we would look at each other while standing in a room, and she would immediately look at the landlord and begin telling them what happened. Needless to say this freaked a lot of landlords out.

Recently, we had been staying with family members, when my mother started having very odd experiences at night. At night, on an almost nightly basis, she is being what I call visited. Every night she was seeing people in her room with her. And she can describe them in incredible detail. She told me recently that one woman that visited her often was an older black lady, early 90's late 80's, wearing a purple church suit, with a hat, some flowers in the hat, and a thin veil on top. This woman like a lot of other people that she would see would sometimes be walking through the room, and sometimes they would just be standing next her, watching her. When she would wake up, she would see these people, and then check to see if she is awake. In the time it would take to rub her eyes, check the time, and look around a bit, these people would still be there, still watching, or walking. She left our families house a few months ago and had to go to a shelter, but even there, and not as often, she would continue to see them. A couple of weeks ago I moved her into an apartment, and everything was quiet, until last night, when she began seeing them again, and for the first time she was actually talked to. I can't feel anything wrong with any place she has been, so I feel this is something that is happening to her not the home. she was on painkillers for her bad hips at one point, but she began seeing these things, before taking, while taking them, and even now that she hasn't taken them in weeks. I don't feel that this is related to what she is taking, or maybe it is. I don't know.

If anybody has any information that they can lend to this, or advice, please give your opinions. I am open to a lot of different theories, could this be medicine, or could this be something greater?
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Re: Need help explaining recent experiences

Postby NinjaPuppy » 22 Nov 2013, 03:36

Hey there Ed, welcome to the forum.

I completely understand the picking up 'things' about a location. I also seem to have a talent for somehow knowing things about places that are not generally known to the public.

As to the change in your mom's usual 'experience', medication can play a role in the change of seeing the same people in a different place. I know from my own personal experience that while trying to quit smoking and using a prescription nicotine patch, it caused me to not be able to distinguish the difference between real life and my dreams. I've also had difficulty with a few antibiotics that cause a strange reaction with my perception and painkillers are a wild card for me in the way of adverse reactions.

If you want to go with the paranormal explanation, your mom could be morphing or growing into another type of phenomenon caused by trauma or the pain from whatever it was that warranted the pain killers. If her being able to 'see things' never bothered her, then this next phase probably won't either. It would be interesting if she would keep a journal of these events with whatever details she can recall to see if anything develops over time. Since she is having actual conversations, writing down the exchange of dialog would be a good place to start.

Keep us posted.
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