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Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!
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Re: Am I Psychic?

24 Nov 2011, 11:28

Thank you :) I'm not sure how mature I am though, I'm not even out of highschool and still have plenty of ways to go :) Its mostly my personality, I'm incredibly polite especially to people I don't know well because really I hate it when people dislike me or are mad at me, it makes me quite upset. A flaw I need to work on because no matter how hard I try I can't make everyone like me, and sincerely don't have the energy or motivation to really want to try that hard XD I checked out your blog, apparently I'm not supposed to commence anything on saturday, now I'm not absolutely certain what commence means but if it has anything to do with doing something, I ride on saturdays and I'm probably going to fall... again... hopefully I won't be injured this time... ahh well such things happen life avoiding them makes life boreing XD (plus this would be a record breaking tenth fall, I'll get back to you on what happens :) )
I looked through what amazon would let me check out of each of the books online, buying them sadly is out of the question as my mom is what you may call a diehard skeptic, if einstein or some other scientific super power didn't say it well it dosen't exsist, and would not allow me to buy those books :/ what I can read of them is quite interesting. I like the very scientific approach that all of the books take. In the first book I agreed with some the theories, others not as much though I am still open and would be more than accepting if they were proven, I didn't quite beleive with the bird feathers and chirping over a broom makes it fly though if I saw someone do it that would be pretty darn cool! I like the second books emphasis on thinking and self knowledge and agree that people need to think something I'm either doing massive amounts of or absolutely none at all, or thinking about the wrong thing at the wrong moment or when I reaaaly need to be thinking about something else, anyway I'm starting to babble you'll notice I do that a lot XD. I also liked the third book a lot and his experiment testing the psychics. I don't know if I have the abillity of clairvoyancy or those other types or precognitiony stuffs I'm not super familiar with all the fancy terms, well I'm sure most people do to some degree or another but it needs to be devloped and practised to become useful. Though if I do have any at the moment that would be quite nice as I have been having dreams, a lot of them, about me and this one guy I reaaly like and would be more than happy if they came true XD :)
Thank you again for this info, its been useful and interesting :)

Re: Am I Psychic?

24 Nov 2011, 12:52

Rose colored glasses? Hardly. You might want to check out my blog. My attitude is to identify psychic people relatively quickly so that they can start to deal with the difficulties presented by "The Gift." Tonkatoy has already alluded to one of the more challenging ones: namely, the overwhelming emotional sensitivity. Read his description closely. This is textbook HSP. (Highly Sensitive Person)

Or how about never being able to fit in? Or knowing that you're different, but not being quite sure what the heck is going on? How about the part where the psychic stuff is really scary because you don't know anything about it? Any of that ring a bell?

This is what it's like to be part of a minority. We can be closeted and repress our psychic side to fit in, or we can come out of the closet and face the skepticism and probably some hostility. There is stress no matter which one you choose.

Most of the psychic people I've come into contact with who had a skeptical upbringing found it very difficult to accept that they were psychic and only came to that conclusion after years of agonizing over it. You're doing the right thing. Arm yourself with information. Go with your gut feeling. I'm going to take a wild guess that this works pretty well for you.

Re: Am I Psychic?

24 Nov 2011, 13:41

Just to get it out there I am a girl, so that people don't have to go through the whole hassle of he/she or just guessing my gender. Craig W I thankyou for your concern, I do fit in pretty well at school, I am really shy, and don't talk to a lot of people but I have a close group of freinds and a few people who just talk to me. I can't say what would happen if I told people I thought I was psychic I don't live in a religous community quite the opposite, there are quite a few atheists and most people who are religous are very moderate... you also don't see many republicans... thats a pretty rare one too... but its pretty scientific. My closest freinds I don't know if they would beleive me or not but they would accept it just as kooky old me :)
I agree that I am pretty sensitive I disklike anger and fighting the most, I always feel awkward and like I'm being pulled in multiple directions when I'm near some people arguing because I have empathy for both of them. And when I see other people really sad I often become sad and can feel like I'm going to cry. And my upbringing was pretty 50/50 my dad beleives my mom dosen't. Thank you again for your input, the more the better! :)

Re: Am I Psychic?

24 Nov 2011, 22:32

Craig, I'm all for catching those that "qualify" but exceptionally few every fall outside the parameters I've noted which is why skeptics of every flavor can point fingers mockingly, calling "all" psychics delusional fakes/quacks, or whatever. Of the hundreds of psychics I've interviewed, worked with and investigated less than 5% prove to be able to demonstrate anything remotely close to exceptional, most can be proved "wrong" for any number of reasons. Sorry, but that's reality. Not just as I've seen it but as many an elder has explained it over the years.

You may have a village (we're going back in time here) with 30 or so youngsters all of which show certain intuitive propensities ALL of which are 100% natural given their environment and culture. The Shaman or Wise One of that same village however, may live most of their life not finding that one child over three or more generations that is born with "the gift", they simply aren't that plentiful and being able to identify them demands requisites that go much further than you seem willing to accept, let alone discern. This is why I refer to your perception as being the typical New Age "Rose Tinted Glasses" philosophy to being "Psychic" -- an extremely commercialized and sadly, abundant version of things vs. the narrow road I tend to stand on and watch out for -- the one's that are few vs. the many.

Tally the amount of money all of your training has cost you over the years; books, workshops, retreats, lectures the whole gambit. I know of one Psychic that teaches a 6 week workshop. He will not accept fewer than 12 students per 6 week block and enrollment starts at around $300.00 per student. On the low side we're talking roughly $29k annual gross but we must add to this his private sessions and client base with Readings starting at $100.00 per half-hour, not the most expensive but not exactly industry common (usually hovers at about half that rate). He he only sees a dozen private clients a week (which is very low) we're looking at an additional $86k+ annual. There are other income generating factors but I'll not go down that list, let's just cut to the end of the story and how this very quiet and even "respected" individual grosses well over a quarter million annually and like most cash & carry industries, forgets to include every exchange when figuring out his taxes. . . of course, since he is clergy he can place most of this money into the "Church Account" and not pay a penny of tax on any of it. . . something a very large number of the New Age psychic element does.

Understand, I'm not saying they are "fakes" only that they aren't being honest as to what being Psychic actually is, deliberately mixing the idea of being Psychic with Spiritual Growth, and being excessive when it comes to the price placed on their services and products. There must be an exchange, this is one of the great laws of the Universe, but the spiritually aligned soul will be modest in what is accepted when it comes to such exchanges. I could easily match or surpass the fees this gent was charging and get it, but for me and what my personal agenda is, that's not kosher. Nor is giving people "false hope" when it comes to what is and isn't "Psychic"; I'm obliged to make them question things and more so, to see alternatives so they can question such things. My belief in what I do and can do is strong enough to endure that sort of critique in that I don't claim to be anything but a channel by which information may come through but in general, I'm just a man that's studied and learned how to use a system; I strip away the mystical and do so deliberately.

This is why I know I'm the opposite side of the same coin we tend to find ourselves printed on. I don't let the fluffy pink clouds and Unicorns get in the way of seeing what's plausible and "real" for this dimension we actually live in.

Re: Am I Psychic?

25 Nov 2011, 00:39

I think you have me wrong here. I am not really concerned with a person's ability to demonstrate psychic ability on demand because I regard that as an ability that is gained through practice. The training of psychic ability is also a hit and miss affair. This is not like learning English or math, where a large body of teaching research has demonstrated the most effective methods. Similarly, there is no standard for evaluating either psychic ability or latent potential for psychic ability. Not even the researchers know how to select people who are most likely to do well beyond the most obvious trait of creativity. It is important, I think, to take that into account when evaluating psychic ability.

I think that most psychic ability is latent. Just as you can make a good guess based on physical characteristics about whether someone will be a good basketball or football player, you can also do the same thing based on a set of personality characteristics with psi. Since there are so few opportunities to make money with psychic ability, and nearly all of those require the business skills of self employment, there is very little motivation for people to develop their skills.

And this leaves inherently psychic people who may not demonstrate much in the way of actual ability with all of the emotional and social issues that go along with psychic ability without any benefits. I think it's better to widen the net to include them and let them know that they are part of a community spread out across the entire world that thinks and acts like they do and understands and accepts them.

Re: Am I Psychic?

26 Nov 2011, 01:32

Sorry Craig but that really sounds like New Age excuse building so as to justify "training" which always seems to come back to getting money from the "potentially psychic" and putting it into the bank account of the self-proclaimed psychic.

We are all "potentially psychic" I think I've said that. I've also stated that traditionally the Sage would not pass on the greater teachings and more intense work to just anyone; not even the great Mystery Schools of Egypt & Greece would do this in that they understood the fact that an actually "gifted" individual was a very, very rare thing. I've been privileged to study with some amazing teachers at absolutely no cost whatsoever because of what they saw in me (something that's been following me most of my life), I was one of the exceptions not just because of what I could demonstrate on the raw gift levels most expect form a "Psychic" but because of my natural knowledge of the "secret" workings; the stuff that's not just given away and even when published, is seriously obfuscated so as to protect it.

I've also been there when the Money Changers prey on the delusional; people that have a psychological need to be special/psychic. I've seen how they will exploit things, such as the description offered by our young friend here, using it as an example of "proof" that CONvinces the subject that they should invest into learning more and developing their "latent" powers. These are techniques I use when I and certain associates of mine perform our Mind Reading and Hypnosis programs on stage. We use these factors because we know that 90% of the public will buy into it, it's that simple. . . but that's also why I'm encouraging folks to THINK and be cautious when it comes to someone uttering encouragement such as you have in the above. Trust me, I could easily start a very successful religion using just a minute fraction of my knowledge when it comes to faking the psychic & spiritual appearance of things. I can do so in such a way as to get those that are of note in that world to endorse me as being 100% legit . . . and have. I've even had ardent skeptics change their point of view after watching me work. This is why I cannot be more committed in my belief than the 7% I joke about; there's just too much the average human being does not know about when it comes to deception and it's position in this and most all aspects of religious/psychic living.

Understand, there is a validity that I likewise sustain. I simply draw a very wide line in the sand and expect folks to walk across it slowly, cautiously, and with all Bull Shit filters set on high.

Re: Am I Psychic?

26 Nov 2011, 02:33

I am not asking anyone to engage in training and I'm not seeking money in any fashion, other than a book that I'm writing. I really don't care whether people train their skills or not. It's irrelevant to my point and I do not give a sh*t about all that New Age stuff. Been there, done that, not impressed.

I too, have all the mysteries at my fingertips to the point that I didn't even need a teacher. Whenever I've needed information I've been guided to it. It's no big deal to me; this kind of wisdom comes so easily to me in fact that people were spotting that in me as early as sixteen years old. We are equals in that area.

I am interested in helping people cope with the personal problems that arise as a result of having "the Gift." The more informed psychic people are, the better. And that includes knowing that you're psychic.

Re: Am I Psychic?

27 Nov 2011, 02:15

I agree, but what this questioner put forth and described IS NOT even remotely close to "proof" of psychic talent, any first year psych student can see that.

I'll not go any further with you on this in that you're not wanting to understand the contrasts here and why I expect far more out of a person before recognizing any kind of "specialness" around them. What our friend described is "natural" and can be easily explained by way of very elementary logic; there's nothing phenomenal about it and nothing that indicates they are more aware or sensitive than the typical individual in that age group (10-25 tend to have heightened levels of sensitivity due to body chemical changes, etc. this is a condition that surfaces again in the latter 50s (in men) and as menopause starts on women who likewise have said increases when pregnant).

Please don't think I'm putting you down but do understand that I must be far more critical on these issue because of my training both, in Metaphysics (the Occult) as well as theatrically.

Re: Am I Psychic?

28 Nov 2011, 23:29

I have researched the characteristics that create a strong tendency towards having psychic ability. I am very good at it. Please feel free to ask me questions instead of insulting me. I will be happy to share what I know.

Re: Am I Psychic?

28 Nov 2011, 23:56

CW for what its worth, I think CB was being critical, but not insulting.

Re: Am I Psychic?

29 Nov 2011, 01:57

I certainly did not mean to be insulting, simply stating facts as I know them but too, explaining why I cannot blatantly support someone in the idea of being "Psychic" when what they explain and share reveals very common, explainable realities.

"Seeing Dead People" IS NOT an indicator that one is "Psychic", countless non-psychics have made this claim over the millennia; people that have no sense of belief whatsoever have admitted to such encounters. But this does not mean they are latent Mediums or even super sensitive, they're "normal" for lack of a better term.

Picking Up on "Things" is certainly Intuitive and quite possible Empathic but again, we are talking about NATURE, characteristics that we all possess which come from our more primitive past when all such in-put was required for survival -- a.k.a. INSTINCTS. But again, this is a very far cry from anything remotely "psychic", it's pure natural phenomena.

As I've said Craig, I do not mean to belittle you or make you feel "victimized" by what I'm stating. I do however ask you to consider what I say and why; perhaps even realizing that a more rigid qualification for folks before tossing on the "Psychic" label, would be a far wiser step when it comes to the integrity of such claims and escape from ridicule or challenge. Members of the New Age/Metaphysical culture over the past 35 or so years have allowed far too many negligible/questionable indicators to serve as "Proof" that someone IS "special" and it has hurt both, the culture itself but more important, the validity of the claims being made and thus, the integrity of Metaphysical living altogether. This is especially true when we toss in the number of hustlers & con-artists that knowingly exploit both, people's fantasy of being "special" as well as their need for "hope" -- a criminal element that goes much further than economic infringement, they are emotional and spiritual vampires (NO, "real" Vampires have some class about themselves, let's go with Bottom Feeder or Parasite)

I hope you can understand what I'm saying Craig and realize that I'm not, nor have I ever sought to put you down or insult you in any way.

Re: Am I Psychic?

29 Nov 2011, 13:39

You clearly have a strong belief system about this subject. So strong in fact, that you haven't been able to see this subject how I see it. And I don't do victimized, so you needn't worry about that. Tonkatoy has key markers for psychic ability. Period. And if someone has these markers then they may as well take the leap and find out what's there rather than hem and haw about it. You are not familiar with this research because it is not in your area of expertise and it is fairly new anyway. You're also looking at this from the standpoint of a professional and that is of no importance to my view of this subject.

You want to raise the bar for what reason? Purity? So that a few people can escape ridicule or challenge? Since all psychics who come out face that no matter how good they are, I'm not sure how that's supposed to work.

And I've generally found that people who own up to their psychic ability are emotionally stronger than those who are on the border, neither fully in nor fully out of embracing their ability. So they will be more resistant to fraud and harder to prey upon.

If someone wants to feel special, they'll find a way and they don't need pretend psychic ability to do that. Psychic ability alone is not all that special anyway. It's like all other abilities: it's only valuable if you make it valuable with, you know, hard work.

There is the other part of this as well that you have perhaps not considered. Sometimes you have to take the leap before you know where you are going to land. It's a long journey for anyone to figure out the whole psychic thing and I think you're making it harder.

Re: Am I Psychic?

29 Nov 2011, 21:09

Purity? Never heard that one.

Craig, I'm not "raising the bar" it's always been there in the view of the elders; those that sit behind the scenes and laugh at the folly of man, so to speak. They aren't some kind of Illuminati group, they are however learned minds from various paths & traditions who've come to mutual conclusions. You'll find hints of things in the older OCCULT books but more so when you have one of these old ones take you under wing. . . I've been blessed on that front.

The other "key" in this particular case is that I cannot see any kind of "key markers" in a person based on four or five paragraphs of writing, so your spidy-sense must be superior to mine. All I can see in his/her (?) posts is 100% explainable and frankly, should be seen that way first and foremost. Not just in this case but any case in which you suspect psi potential. It is simply unethical in my opinion, to tell someone they are something when you've not been able to work with them first-hand and, for lack of a better term "test" them prior to taking them further into actual developmental processes. This is how it's been done for eons when it comes to village life and the world of the shaman. As I said, this still exists but lays hidden from public view in today's urban & metropolitan world due to the extreme commercialism that's cashed in on the idea & fantasy of being Psychic or an Evolved Soul, etc. I worked in that industry for close to 25 years and was partnered in stores tied to that world and I can tell you first hand that 85%+ is pure horse crap. . . the books written on Fairy Magic one years get re-written two or three years latter when everyone is seeing Angels or Aliens or who knows what, but the publishers certainly know how to follow as well as create trends so as to insure cash flow. . . before you react to that claim bear in mind what you know about my work in show biz and the fact that many of my peers write for the same market & culture you're trying to defend. I won't reveal names but three of the major publishers in the New Age market employ these guys, knowing full well that they are entertainers that do shows that replicate psychic ability.

I have tons of compassion when it comes to someone in your shoes, who knows nothing about this stuff when it comes to the other side of the proverbial veil. I actually feel sorry for "you" because of this blindness and thus, an inability to understand someone like me, who believes and defends the Psychic issue but at the same time has a very critical point of view about it. I simply know far too much when it comes to how to look psychic, even in the eye of my peers I know too much (I'm a technician in this business, people come to me for information and development). This is another reason why I'm so "picky" when it comes to validating a person's claim.

Most of the regulars here know about my investigations into Las Vegas areas Psychics; we're talking about licensed and legally sanctioned counselors according to Clark County, Nevada. These people have had a deep FBI background check and more, so you could say they are about as legit as they get. BUT, of the 100+ I've interacted with and covertly tested, LESS than 5 came close to showing anything remotely close to genuine ability. According to the elders I've talked to and similar testing I've done all over the country, it would seem that fewer than 5% of the population qualify for the title of "Psychic"... this being based solely on those that call themselves such and work in the industry NOT the general population as a whole. I'll add that of those tested I found roughly 6% + that were blatant con-artists using slight-of-hand and known "scripts" when doing Readings and in a few instances, devices either purchased from a Magic Shop or that were home made based on designs noted in primary books pertaining to the art of Mentalism. . . in fact, one of the Spiritualist Ministers I exposed some years ago, was using the same exact techniques and script I was using in a show not 20 minutes driving time from his church. The differences being that he used a hollowed out bible to execute the cheat vs. the Crystal Ball I was using and too, he had a church membership of 500 suckers that threw him $20.00 in tithes every Sunday + other "donations" for other services vs. me, doing shows catering to groups of 50-100 guests a night @ $10.00 each + F&B.

Nothing happens in life that is random or by chance. You are here to learn about these things and to have the opportunity to widen your horizons when it comes to that side of the Psychic issue you've sought to avoid. . . or so it would seem. I believe that you want to know more about "the dark side" but you hesitate due to the position you've made for yourself and how it will look should you're views "tighten" or become redefined. But isn't it wiser and more honorable to admit one's short-comings than live with them in silence?

Sorry for being such a Ball Buster but I've tried to give you a glimpse into things so you can better understand why I have such tight standards and where it comes from. . . and you can't blame my work in show biz or my ties to noted skeptics; most of my prejudice comes straight out of the New Age/Pagan culture itself and is cosigned by the veterans within that community.

Re: Am I Psychic?

29 Nov 2011, 23:03

I'll be turning 52 in a few days. I don't take offense at any of this because everything you're assuming about me is so obviously wrong. I went through all of the New Age stuff and gradually became underwhelmed by it. Today's Indigo Children are yesterday's Star Children which the day before were the My-Child-Is-Just-So-Special Children. I am familiar with all the generic information that gets repackaged and I'm aware of how star struck many people are the first time they realize that this stuff is real. More than that, I have seen the terrible vulnerability of The Seekers. I know the type of person you're talking about. All of this took place in the SF Bay Area though, where there is an absence of showbiz and a plenitude of savvy people. I have yet to see a true con in this area, but then, I haven't really looked. For the most part, this area has an energy of deep sincerity about the spiritual.

I've also been around many psychics and I'm well aware of how many just aren't really all that good. I do have an extraordinary knack for sensing that and it is also something I give a great deal of attention to intellectually. I am well respected for what I have written on the subject. I can see into people very deeply; far more deeply than they can typically see into themselves. People who are psychic have a kind of off balance energy about them as well as an openness to being seen. I don't know how else to describe it.

Re: Am I Psychic?

01 Dec 2011, 01:58

Ok Craig, believe what you will. But I would encourage you to pick up a couple of basic books on Mentalism just to get an idea as to how many of your real psychics from the Bay Area you actually didn't meet. . . I have several friends that work in that area as well and when done right Mentalism looks and feels very real. . . it's supposed to.
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