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Re: What is it like to be Psychic?

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2011, 03:47
by Craig Browning
I think what Craig means about "Creativity" is how the old Occultists encouraged use of the imagination, which is what we do when Scrying -- Crystal Gazing. Too, imagination comes into play when first learning about Astral Projection (a.k.a. Mental Projection) and early modes of Shape Shifting. These are the more common inferences used in Paranormal Studies. The "Sensitive" term on the other hand, using pertains to both, Intuition and Empathy in that one or the other proves the more active "connector" when a Psychic has a "flash" or "impression"

While an empath could fit some of the descriptions noted by Craig in the above the reason for their emotional reaction has little to nothing to do with themselves but that of others in their environment, a condition that can be controlled should the individual get some proper direction. Two of the most common means of curbing these effects has been over-eating and smoking, but that pertains to persons ignorant of what's really going on with them during their "fits". The condition is so common you still find tons of over-weight and heavy smoking Readers in the world.

Imagination is a must even if you are strictly reading shapes -- intellectual interpretation. We find this in Palmistry and Tea Leaf Reading most of all, the Reader must be able to see the patterns and recognize that grouping of leaf sections as being a bear instead of a dog or bunny for an example. In the hands, we must be able to consider when something is a true square vs. a rectangle or triangle; it's not as easy as it sounds.

This is how I understand such things based on the more scholastic side of things I've studied and learned about formally, by people in the Parapsychology field as well as Psychic Development, like the folks at the A.R.E. Institute which was founded by Edgar Cayce.

Re: What is it like to be Psychic?

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2011, 20:46
by ProfWag
Beint the skeptic that I am, I interpret sensitivity and creativity to mean traits of a psychic, much like traits of a CEO are often goal oriented, self motivators. But that's just me...

Re: What is it like to be Psychic?

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2011, 22:05
by craig weiler
There is an important difference here. Being goal oriented and self motivating are learned skills. No one is born that way. Sensitivity and creativity are innate. MRI studies of creative people show that their brains process information differently from the norm.

And regarding sensitivity: If the sensitivity isn't high enough to interfere in ones' life and affect relationships and career choices, then it's probably not enough to be very psychic. The same goes for creativity.