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A strange TV experience

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2011, 23:23
by Js1981
Hi guys
I am new here and would like to share only one weird experience I couldn'g logicaly explain in my whole life.

I used to work in a country house hotel and everytime it got to late to go home I stayed in a staff house where the rest of the staff lived.

As it was late anyway I always switched on a small/red/14inch old fashion TV i had in that room. Very old TV anyway. Every other day a week there was a movie playing about 2am, a proper movie repeat with a sign language translator in the corner. I thought that it suited me as that audition always had a decent movie on for people with no hearing, opposite to my country where the special need programs are just rubbish. The time was also perfect as i was going home in the morning.
1 night I switched it on and thought I was watching a trailer to a movie currently being played in theaters. It went on and on and I realized that whole current top box office movie is on TV during audition for hearing impaired.
I shared it with everyone I knew the following day and noone belived me of course. I knew each detail of the movie which wasn't in the trailer and people decided that I went to the cinema to watch it which I swear on my loved one lives I didn't.
All TV guides only said that it was that there was a slot for hearing impaired.
So unless there was a test screen on TV for some crazy reason I had the weirdest experience of my life.

What do you think? I never watched it again and noone yet proved that the movie I saw isn't the correct one.

Re: A strange TV experience

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2011, 02:18
by Craig Browning
Hollywood has been known to secretly, without fan-fare, etc. do exactly what you're describing; it's rare that they do the full film but rather a hefty portion that gets edited in on the film actually scheduled to on. It's a very rare thing and frequently done only on obscure channels in areas that aren't overly populated; sometimes it's literally a secret give-away but most of the time they are in the hope of generating word-of-mouth about the flick and in instances that involve a film that could be seen as "controversial", it's to prove to the unsuspecting that things aren't what the fear-filled seem to be screaming about (The Last Temptation of Christ is one such film that I'm aware of).

I have to emphasize that this kind of thing is very rare and frequently "staged" in a way that allows for plausible-deniability by the studios, producers, etc.

Re: A strange TV experience

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2011, 14:35
by JO 753
Wut wuz the movie?

Re: A strange TV experience

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2011, 16:59
by Js1981
That is the problem as the movie was highly advertised.
It was National Treasure with Nic Cage.

First I thought it was a trailer, then a movie special with a behind the scenes footage then I watched the movie.

Don't know how it started when I decided to leave it on Cage' snd Sean Bean' characters fought on a wreck in something looking like a North Pool, they actually blew that bout. I clearly remember the ending too and got it confirmed by many people who saw the movie in theater that I was right about every detail, casting and the end. I confirmed it straight in the morning.

I also thought that it could just be a studio test but the movie was heavily marketed anywhere anyway. The thing made people belived me following day is that I knew what they looked for and were thy found it.

Re: A strange TV experience

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2011, 07:55
by JO 753
Good movie. The sequel, not so much.

Its not like this iz a supernatural event, tho. People are running TV stationz and movie studioz, so wierd thingz can happen just frum them making weird decisionz and mistakes. Around once a year, you hear about porn showing up on kiddy showz, or during prime time or sum other unusual place.