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How does religion bring happiness or fulfillment?

18 Sep 2014, 06:44

I don't understand something about religion. How is it supposed to fulfill my needs and desires? How does it fulfill anyone's needs? How is it supposed to make me happy?

Devotees of all religions will tell you that the material world can't bring happiness, but their religious practice can. They say that the world is too materialistic. I agree that materialism alone can't bring you complete fulfillment or happiness. But how does believing in something you can't see bring complete happiness and fulfillment?

Now I acknowledge that there is a spiritual component in life that is real and necessary. But that alone can't bring you happiness, satisfaction and contentment. You need more than that, well at least I do. I'm not talking about materialism of course. I'm talking about other things, which I will list below.

But religious devotees seem to imply that their religion alone will bring happiness, peace, joy and contentment. That is too far fetched. Don't you need a little of everything in life? How can one thing alone do it all? What is their basis for that? And why does that work for the devotees who claim this? Are some people happy with religion alone?

In my view, being able to do what you love, having quality friendships with quality people, having a great romantic love affair and relationship, having some adventures and new experiences in life, and having good health, are what bring the greatest happiness, at least for me.

I don't see how religion fits into that though. How is it that some people find happiness through religion only? Can anyone explain?

Re: How does religion bring happiness or fulfillment?

18 Sep 2014, 08:49

Great question.

I'm guessing at this but I think you have to be able to believe (all of it) without question for religion to fit the bill. Other than that, I got nuthin'.
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