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What a Shame

20 Mar 2017, 06:24

This site used to be a lot of fun with some interesting, if not unusual discussions. Now it's been taken over by some ass-wipe. Would love to get some discussions going again, but I doubt that's possible. Anyway, if any of my old or new friends read this, hope all is well and send me a PM!

Re: What a Shame

21 Aug 2017, 18:28

I know what you mean. It was taken over by spammers. Not some ass wipe. I'm in the process of deleting all the spammers now. It's a long tedious job. So many of them. They have autobot programs now that generates lots of posts quickly.

After the clean up, I'm gonna put all new members on moderation and not allow them to post links during the first few posts.

But I'm too busy running Happier Abroad now, so I'll have to try to find someone to moderate here.
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