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PostPosted: 25 Jul 2016, 13:13
by TheLight954
I used to be a devout materialist myself who thought anyone who believed in God was crazy. I never recalled ever believing in God while I was young; that's why I was surprised to find a study that said we have an innate belief in God. However, I was unsatisfied with the point of life under materialism, and had a feeling that I was a mind-controlled robot the whole time. I just felt that there was no point of life, and was in the brink of depression and killing. However, I started by searching if there was any evidence against materialism, and I found NDEs(hence my username. It originated from The Light). I saw a lot of "scientific" explanations, but all of them were just trying to force correlation as cause, even though sometimes they didn't even fit all the data. I was also surprised why people never addressed veridical perception. Eventually, I realized people were pseudoskeptics, and most of the time, pseudological(a term I made up for people who pretend to be logical but fail to do so). I then decided to do some researches on pseudoskeptics. I saw your credibility rise because I saw you speak a lot of unspoken truths in happier abroad, and I agreed with everything you said. I now do believe in paranormal.

Keep in mind: I'm in a top 28 group of mathematics olympiad TST. Most of the other people in this group seem like mind-controlled robots, and I feel like I'm different than most people in that group.