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The original Iamsam

12 Jul 2012, 17:00

Hi guys, I am the original Iamsam from Book of THoTH. I've been inactive for a year or two, but am now back.

Can't seem to find my old site, though. :?

Anyone know what happened to the old Book of THoTH? Any old members here? :?:

btw, this site looks cool and definytely spend some time here and comment or contribute where I can.


Re: The original Iamsam

12 Jul 2012, 20:41

Welcome to the forum! Don't know that site though!

Re: The original Iamsam

12 Jul 2012, 22:59

I know the site and found quite a bit about it here. If you put Thoth into the search bar in the upper right hand corner you should be able to find any mention of "The Book of THoTH.

And... welcome back!
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