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Thank you for this site.

25 Sep 2011, 09:59

I have had these exact same thoughts about those so called skeptics that are actually just Debunkers and naysayers for a long time.
Especially Michael Shermer and James Randi.
I have noticed a very odd trend over the past several years with these people. That is, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with theories when trying to debunk certain claims. In some cases, Shermer's explanation of purported paranormal claims is more bizarre then the claim itself.
I will give a great example of this in my next submission. For now I just joined your site and I have wanted to make one like it for a long time. I procrastinated and then I found this one. I'm quite happy to admit that you beat me to it. Bravo.
BTW, if anyone is interested I can submit something that disproves Shermer and Randi's claim about a very controversial subject, they say is not possible or that no evidence exists. Debunking the debunkers, This is fun.

Re: Thank you for this site.

25 Sep 2011, 11:06

Welcome to the site!

Re: Thank you for this site.

25 Sep 2011, 21:29

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