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Robotization Conspiracy

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2016, 06:11
by TheLight954
Why does this country claim to be free but is full of workaholics who ridicule anyone who does not conform to the status quo?

Why does this country present "materialism" as the scientific viewpoint when science is about discovering new things, not about saying "everything we know of is all that exists. We must have made a mistake every time we produce positive results for the paranormal." Why do they always insist upon false explanations - preferring them over paranormal explanations? Such as the false explanations that they insist upon for the Ganzfeld Phenomenon(in the website I created -

Why was relativity accepted at the time in which it had less evidence than paranormal phenomenon has now? It was accepted just because light bends near Earth? Why can't we just use "Occam's Razor" and claim that they must have been mistaken in their observations, and/or claim that it was particles escaping Earth interacting with the light? What happened to the skepticism towards that?

Why do liberals, especially feminists, use huge double standards? Why is equality for them equivalent to reverse discrimination?

Why are there so many so-called skeptical people, such as Steven Novella or Michael Shermer, who never ever produced a publication that challenged the status quo? Why do pseudoskeptics always seem to dodge this question? Why is the character immediately attacked whenever they make any claim against the status quo?

Why don't we just replace a lot of jobs more suited for robots than for humans, such as restaurant waitresses or construction workers, with robots? We can lower the amount of average work that everyone has to do to produce the exact same or even more efficiency by doing so.

It seems like the skeptics and many scientists(mostly unknowingly) are part of a disinformation campaign to advance the robotization conspiracy in which they want to turn us into robots instead of humans. They want to turn us completely against our nature, so we are much easier to control. Furthermore, they present materialism as the most scientific viewpoint, because according to materialism, we are just robots with all our decisions governed by our brain, and when we think of ourselves as robots, we actually are. We'd better wake up.