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Murphys law

Discussions about Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, the Holographic Universe and the Nature of Reality.

Murphys law

Postby woodwater » 18 Nov 2012, 00:07

It's only a kind of confirmation bias.

Interruptions and traffic problems happen all the time, not just when you are in hurry.
The only thing is that when you are in hurry, then you note these problems much more strongly, then they irritate you more.
So you remember them more strongly.

That's how Murphy's law is born.
It's based on a biased impression.

Once you start keeping more objective stats of the occurence of certain problems, you find out that the universe is neither for nor against you.
Murphy's law is a fata morgana.

Also, why does Murphy's Law seem to control the universe? It seems like the universe is always against you, giving you the opposite of what you want.

For example:

- What you want the most is always the hardest to get, and what you want the least is the easiest to get.

- By the time someone becomes financially independent, they will have lost their youth, be over the hill and less attractive, so that they can't enjoy their freedom as much as if they were young.

- By the time you finally get what you want, it's already too late. Or you don't get what you want until it's too late.

- Great jobs that involve travel usually go to people with families, rather than to people who are free and single.

- Women don't want you unless you are already taken or attached. You are probably more likely to meet your soulmate when you are already married than when you are single.

- You always find something the last place you look. If you look for something and it can be in five possible places, you always find it in the 5th place rather than the first through fourth.

- When I am at an intersection and don't know which way to turn, and take a random guess, 90 percent of the time I make the wrong turn. How can a 50/50 chance go wrong 90 percent of the time?!

- Why do interruptions come at the worst times?

- Why do important calls come when you are not available to answer the phone or when you step out for a minute?

- Why does traffic increase when you are late? Why do other cars in front of you move slower when you are late?

Have any of you noticed this? Why is the universe always against us? Why does Murphy's Law rule the universe rather than some fair and just God? Is the universe some kind of a trickster?
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