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The Truth Exposed About Sears Maintenance Agreements and other Extended Warranties


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I am a field technician who works for Sears/A&E.  You are grossly misinformed regarding the cost/benefit analysis of maintenance agreements in several ways.  You have obviously never went into a customer’s house and had to charge them $300.00 for a single repair on a refrigerator, front load washer or dish washer when they could have purchased an 3 year MA for 50% of the repair cost.  What makes me ill are people like you that are obviously narcissistic, have the ability to write, and have no idea regarding reality of the subject matter that you post.  You are a mal-informed individual that shouldn’t attempt to post a “thesis” on a subject you know little about.  Please do your research before filling people’s minds with useless drivel.



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Comment :   I am a former employee of Sears. I used to work in the electronics department and everything you say is true. Preach on brother!

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Comment :   i was enthralled to see someone else who finds the sears agreement to be nothing more than a pocket liner. congratulations on getting out of that hell!  


Sorry about the first e-mail...

Anyway, I have worked at Sears for right at a year and I totally agree with you on the whole ma thing.  If sear's made their products right in the first place, they would not need to sell any mra/mpas.  The whole meeting thing that sears does is also ridiculous.  Just like you said, every week or even twice a week we each attend a mpa training meeting, in which we are always asked to take out our discovery guides and discus the last customer we talked to that was interested in a ma eligible product.  If we did not sell the ma to the customer, we had to go through the entire sell and answer the the store manager and to the department manager why we were unable to sell the ma.  When I first began working for sears I genuinly thought that Craftsman prodcuts were among the best on the market.  Now, after seeing the numerous problems customers have with so many craftsman products, I seriously question the quality of craftsman products.
Another thing ma's that makes me angry is how I have to worry so much about selling them, that sometimes I pass up an opportunity to sell a big item just so my percentage will not be hurt.  With this much pressure on the associates to sell ma's, anyone inside the company can see that it is a scam.  Another interesting thing about ma's is that after our commision is taken out, which is now 3% (for hardware associates), the remainder of the commision comes back to the store managers (the vast majority anyway).  This is why the push so freaking hard to sell ma's (I know a pretty good chunk also goes back to the regional and district managers).
The final complaint i have about ma's is just simply the fact that our service is absolutely horrible.  It frequently takes a product four to six weeks to return from the repair center, when the repair center says that it should only take arounf 7-10 days. 

Anyway, that is my rant...I guess I am preaching to the choir since you know exactly what I am going through...One thing I have realized though is how bad of a company Sears is now...I, along with many of my fellow associates, fully expect sears to go out of business within five years because of the many luducris policies the company has...And one final thing, when a former Sears store General Manager will not buy a ma because he says to your face they are a rip-off, that should be the final nail in the coffin.

Well, thanks for your time and I am glad that you put together the website.




I thoroughly enjoyed reading your report I came across on this evening.  My husband and I are having a huge dispute with Sears right now over a Calypso washer and the fact that we were never able to use our 5-year MA purchased from Sears because a Sears employee made a computer error and our warranty on the washer wasn’t “in the system.”  I have been given the run-around many, many times now – starting with the store manager!  It has been an unbelievable eye-opener and nightmare of an experience!  Your report sounds like you must be the most intelligent person that ever worked for Sears and they should promote you to CEO.  Thank you for taking the time to get this report available to other consumers!!! 


Dianne in TX

P.S.  If you have any ideas of who I can contact to help get our situation straightened out, I would appreciate it.  All I can get phone numbers for are customer service, customer relation in Chicago, One Source (which sounds like a call center).  I have tried desperately to find out who the store manager reports to and no one is giving me any information.  Surely, someone must oversee the store manager????  Thanks.


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