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The Truth Behind the Smoke and Mirrors of Multi-Level and Network Marketing


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Thank you very much for writing that article on MLM's, I found it on google,

while doing research on a MLM I was just pitched on.... ,

Although, I was not close to joining, they are expert salespeople.

Its also not surprising that all my starving real estate investor friends

have fallen for this type of involvement.

I am more shocked how people can live with themselves.




thanks so much for this info..I smelled a rat from the get go..

i was taken to a home and shown the 'presentation'--

when i had to give 99 bucks to become a 'distributor'

i knew what this was all about. and no info was given to me

before i was in the person's home. i've seen this type thing


again thanks..

i will not get involved that is for sure.


RH Wood in Memphis




I just want to let you know that if I didn't know the facts about MLMs or Network Marketing.   Most like I would have read what you wrote and believed every word.  I am not here to argue with what you believe but I do what to set the record straight.  And in hopes that if you are a man of INTEGRITY and do your due diligence and research the facts you might change or remove your site!  I will assist you on the research that if you so desire to find the facts and get past the opinions.  Google > Tim Sales - Brilliant Compensation there you can find a short preview on the facts of the industry.  I do believe that there are a lot of companies out there that are scams and bad business. But I believe just like anything in life there tends to be some bad and some good but amongst them there are companies of Integrity. 


Now you may not like MLMs but the fact remains whether you are a believer or not. Jesus Christ was the first Network Marketer and look how big Christianity has grown in the past 2000 years. Plus you know we live a Christian country?  I believe Network Marketing is a true profession and offers the fairest opportunity for anyone to make a better life their family.

Do a vast majority fail? YES. And I believe that it's hard for a worker to become an owner and own up to their business. Some do like myself and have success.


If you really want to write about scams well write about Corporate American which I believe is the REAL or smoke and mirrors! Inform people about all of the down sizing and outsourcing good American jobs to India or Thailand to make a few already rich guys richer. 


God bless you, your family and this great Country!


Cal Washington

ACN - Representative USA



Hi Vinstonas,

  I just read your article I found when I used Google while questioning a company I had just attended a meeting about.  The company was called Market America and you said exactly what I was thinking and yet I had no idea no one to ask and back up my concerns.  I had kind of a funny run in with this company and I was over whelmed after the so called meeting.  I had so many questions and yet the woman I went with had so little.  She is so completely sucked in it is scary.  I so want to send her your article but I have no idea her email address and she seemed rather upset with me when I told her I found it very fishy and similar to Amway.  She for some reason couldn't see the similarities at all or just didn't want to admit she was sucked in already.  I do wonder why I had to go to this meeting and I guess it was to see that I am no longer gullible to people who are out to only help themselves and need all the stupid suckers out there to make their dreams a reality.  I plan on making my dreams come true on my own and I won't be scammed by any more rich fakes.  So to you I thank you for making my gut feelings a reality.  Thanks again.  Jan



Dear Vinstonas,


I am a Visual Merchandiser at a Macy's store, in Willow Grove, PA.  Today, as I was dressing mannequins, a husband and wife approached me and started chit-chatting.  They proceeded to tell me how they were involved in a successful business, a business in which they netted $25,000 monthly, working from home.  The lady asked me "Wouldn't you like to earn that kind of money working only 9 to 12 hours a week"?  She proceeded to hand me her business card, and asked me to call her, regarding this great business opportunity. To me, she was a stranger, and a pushy one at that. She wanted to meet for lunch, to share the news of this "Too-good-to-be-true" offer.  


Being a sceptic, and having enough intelligence to know that the pitch sounded preposterous, I took the lady's business card and decided to investigate her business.  She and her husband are supposed "Unfranchise Owners" in the Marketamerica scheme.  When I Googled Marketamerica, your posting appeared.  It was quite helpful.  You provided detailed information regarding MLMs.


 I appreciate your interest in helping inform others about the immoral scams perpetrated by whores like the two creeps I met today. Armed with your information,  I'm actually looking forward to their return visit to my store...




I just wanted to let you know your article about MLMs looks great. I haven't looked at it in detail, but my first run though, I was very impressed. 
I'm an MBA student at Ohio State and a Humanist... So that provides me with a combination of interest in business, logic, and the human condition. Consequently I'm (morbidly) intrigued by MLMs. I had some time last summer between my last job and starting school and I spent a month or so with the MLM . In any case, it looks like the results of your investigation were the same as mine. 
I met a lady at Toastmasters last night and we were talking. She was just 'pitched' Market America so I was doing some special research to maybe help her out. I have just printed your letter to give to her (as well as copies of some litigation against Market America). I'm having lunch with her today, so hopefully between you and me , we can save at least one MLM victim. 
Also, I notice your name is Wu. I've noticed that the Asian community is a common target for MLMs. This lady is Taiwanese, so if you care, you're helping a fellow Asian. 
So, the point of the email is just to thank you for taking the time to post your letter. 



I just read your article and after finishing the first two pages, I called my potential upline and declined "joining the business".  I'd had my suspicions since the first approach almost 2 years ago, however, circumstances in my life had me seeking money making opportunities without much of a time commitment.   So... I thought.  After attending my third meeting, which answered a LOT of questions - the push was to have big recruiting strategies and make people buy training "tools" and tickets to seminars.  This approach was the "real" strategy and it turned me off considerably.  I was seeking for information such as yours in the beginning and was unable to hit on it.  I tried a different search tactic today and found your article.  It basically answered and nailed everything that I had been questioning.


When I called my potential upline and declined - I was amazed at how often she repeated her "story" and the tactic became so obvious to me.  I'm sad to say that I doubt our friendship (from 13 years previous) will continue as it had.  I wondered why my husband and family wouldn't support my tentative approach to joining.  Now I know.  And for that I am thankful. 



Good Morning,Vinstonas.   Thanks for your article on MLMs and Market America. I recently attended an "informational" meeting about Market America and their proposed "business opportunity". I too am a born skeptic and have been is sales for over 25 years and approached the idea with much ingrained skepticism. It was quite a display of "smoke and mirrors" with a heavy veil of elusive language and promises. Early on in the presentation, I had thoughts of "Amway" and "pyramid". I told my contact and potential "distributor" after the meeting, that I was not interested. I later went on-line to research furthur and discovered your article. You confirmed my doubts and did an excellent job of exposing the true nature of the "opportunity" and explaining the workings of the system. Your critical thinking and well organized presentation of the nature of their scheme and it's operation,cut through the "smoke and mirrors" and exposed the "naked truth" of their claims and promises. Thank you for taking the time and effort to help others in making informed desicions regarding so-called "business opportunities". It so gratifying to know that there are people like you who care enough about their fellow man and want to  protect others who may be vulnerable and ill-informed to such schemes.   THANK YOU,GOD BLESS YOU!     Mr.Kim McIsaac,Duluth,Mn





    Thank you for your honest and very accurate article on MLM. I was just approached by someone I met at a local chamber of commerce meeting. He wanted me to get involved with Market America. So I figured I'd do a little research and came across your article. After reading it entirely I emailed him back to let him know I was not interested. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of wasted time and effort.






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