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Nature of reality and truth

Discussions about Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, the Holographic Universe and the Nature of Reality.

Nature of reality and truth

Postby tailchaser » 22 Sep 2015, 01:12

I think I will post this link here since it fits this topic well.
This page is about as the title suggests the nature of reality. Some philosophical viewpoints have suggested in the past ideas such as that reality is an illusion since it is just a image formed by the senses or that there is one reality but we perceive it differently as different individuals (like different animals) see things differently. This page looks into the idea of our perception of reality taking a little "inspiration"/pointer from Buddhism (while the site avoids it in other ways due to its downfalls)
It discusses and "dissects" an article in the new scientist to show how the article had missed a crucial point.

A couple of quotes

Materialistic reductionism teaches us that there is an enduring 'physical' or 'concrete' reality that is outside ourselves. According to that belief system or doctrine, each of us is thus a transient bit of that physical reality, endowed with a mind or / and 'soul', and so, what we experience in our lives is simply the processes of the physical reality, which are based on what are quaintly called physical laws.

If you think I am talking twaddle, just stop and do a quick re-run. Ask yourself:

1. How does your 'mind' know about and experience physical reality?

2. Are there any means to do so other than from input to the brain from the sense organs?

3. If you cannot accept that the brain and sense organs are themselves constructs of 'mind' and you believe that they really do belong to an enduring 'external' reality, how might you demonstrate that that is the case?

4. If everything that you experience really is just a construct of 'mind', is there any means at all by which you could ever know of an enduring reality 'out there', outside yourself?

If you are interested in this topic you may like to visit the website.

Also there is a interesting, but more controversial page on "the dark force" except it isn't about an actual thing that is dark or a force.
There are slight similarities to those views on the archons except this theory isn't really derived from the much.
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