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Discussions about Psychics and Psychic Phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Psi, Clairvoyancy, 6th Sense, Psychokinesis, etc.


Postby nobody » 07 Mar 2015, 12:53

Direct & Circumstantial Evidence


Direct Evidence
can be defined as:

Evidence that directly proves a fact,
without an inference or presumption,
and which in itself, if true,
conclusively establishes that fact.

Real, tangible, or clear evidence of a fact,
happening, or thing that requires no thinking
or consideration to prove its existence,
as compared to circumstantial evidence.

Circumstantial Evidence
can be defined as:

Relating to a series of facts other than the
particular fact sought to be proved.

The party offering circumstantial evidence argues
that this series of facts, by reason and experience,
is so closely associated with the fact to be proved
that the fact to be proved may be inferred simply
from the existence of the circumstantial evidence.


Table of Contents

1. A summary of Remote-viewing History(pdf)
2. R.V. Timeline
3. The AIR REPORT(pdf)
5. Prima facie reference by J. Utts(pdf)
6. FIGURE-OF-MERIT(FOM) data analysis method
---a) FOM used for R.V.(pdf)
---b) FOM used by NASA(pdf)

---a) Microwave Generator (August, 1987)
---b) Windmill Electric Generation Farm
---c) Accelerator: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (May, 1987)
---d) Rocket Test in Utah (October, 1976)
---e) LLNL West Gate
---h) 1981 Memo on Grill flame meeting NSA Scientific advisery comittee(pdf)
---i) 1972-1998 33 Key SRI projects/Papers/reports(pdf)

*Citation of Relevant Federal & State Evidence Laws


1. A summary of Remote-viewing History
by Commander L. R. Bremseth United States Navy

Unconventional Human Intelligence Support:
Transcendent and Asymmetric Warfare Implications of
Remote Viewing


2. A timeline of events relating to origin, research, developments,
training, & operational use, of Remote Viewing

September 1971 –
Cleve Baxster and Ingo Swann begin researching telekinesis.

December 1971 –
The term “remote viewing” is coined following an experiment in New York.

June 1972 –
Swann and Puthoff conduct a quark-detector and magnetometer experiment
at Stanford University.

June 1972 –
Puthoff reports the findings of the experiment at Stanford University
to Kit Green of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They name their
remote viewing organization the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

August 1972 –
Puthoff supervises the CIA’s first evaluation trials.

October 1972 –
The CIA awards Swann and Puthoff $50,000 to continue their research.

July 1973 –
Swann, along with Pat Price, remote view the National Security Agency’s (NSA)
facility in West Virginia.

July 1974 –
Price conducts another remote viewing operation on a facility in the USSR.

July 1975 –
The CIA terminates their funding of research into remote viewing.

September 1975 –
The Air Force Foreign Technology Division begins funding Puthoff and Targ’s
research,hiring Dale Graff to supervise.

September 1977 –
The Army begins conducting their own remote viewing experiments,
calling the program Gondola Wish.

July 1978 –
The Army changes the name of their program from Gondola Wish to Grill Flame.

January 1979 –
The Army selects remote viewers for Grill Flame. They chose six people,
including Ken Bell, Joe McMoneagle and Mel Riley.

September 1979 –
The Army performs its first operational remote viewing session.

March 1979 –
The Grill Flame remote viewers work with Dale Graff and
correctly locate a downed Soviet aircraft from Wright-Patterson AFB.

1980 –
The Air Force cancels its remote viewing program and Dale Graff becomes
the staff officer for the remote viewing projects conducted by the Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA).

December 1982 –
the US Army changes its remote viewing project’s name again,
this time to Center Lane.

January 1984 –
The Army begins training their second group of remote viewers,
including Bill Ray, and Charlene Chavanaugh

July 1984 –
Following a change of command in the Army, the Center Lane project is closed and
transferred to the DIA along with its personnel.

January 1986 –
The DIA takes formal control of Center Lane and renames it Sun Streak.

1990 –
Dale Graff takes control of the remote viewing project, renaming it Stargate.

June 1993 –
Dale Graff retires.

1994 –
The Federal budget transfers control of Stargate from the DIA to the CIA.

1995 –
Congress directs the CIA to look into remote viewing as an intelligence tool.

1995 -
The American Institute of Research conducted a study "THE AIR REPORT" and concluded that
remote viewing had no value as an intelligence tool.

June 1995 –
The CIA cancels Stargate, reassigning the five remaining personnel
to other government jobs.

November 1995 –
The television show Nightline airs an expose on the government’s research into
remote viewing, interviewing Robert Gates, Dale Graff, Edwin May and Joe McMoneagle.




Critique of the CIA/AIR Conclusions

"...In this paper, I will expand upon these topics to demonstrate clearly
that the outcome and conclusions drawn by AIR and subsequently the CIA
were set before the investigation began, and that methodological and
administrative choices were made to assure that the results of the investigation
would support the CIA's pre-determined perspective.

In addition, I will document that they have come to the wrong conclusion with
regard to the use of anomalous cognition in intelligence operations and greatly
underestimated the robustness of the phenomenon..."


5. Prima facie reference by J. Utts

"...Prima Facie Evidence

According to Webster's Dictionary, in law prima facie evidence is
"evidence having such a degree of probability that it must prevail
unless the contrary be proved..."

"...These are examples in which the sponsor or another government
client asked for a single remote viewing of a site, known to the
requestor in real time or in the future, and the viewer provided details
far beyond what could be taken as a reasonable guess..."

" one of the cases the remote viewer was able to describe a
microwave generator with 80 percent accuracy, and that of what
he said almost 70 percent of it was reliable. Laboratory remote viewings
rarely show that level of correspondence..."

"... the viewer who described the microwave generator allegedly knew
only that the target was a technical site in the United States. Yet, he
drew and described the microwave generator, including its function,
its approximate size, how it was housed and that it had "a beam divergence
angle of 30 degrees..."


6. FIGURE-OF-MERIT (FOM) data analysis method

a) F.O.M. Advances in Remote-Viewing Analysis

b) F.O.M. Data analysis method is used by NASA

Transonic Free-To-Roll Analysis
of the F/A-18E and F-35 Configurations

"...The analysis used a
modification of a figure-of-merit
developed during the Abrupt Wing Stall

"...The results showed how the figure-of-merit can
be used to schedule wing flap deflections to avoid
areas of uncommanded lateral motion..."



The following test-bed trials have been declassified.
Each of them were designed to test specific aspects of
future anomalous cognition operations.

a) Microwave Generator (August, 1987)

This trial was designed to measure the accuracy and reliability of anomalous
cognition on directed energy systems. Obtaining receiver-dependent values
in a test environment would provide reasonable estimates for actual operations.


b) Windmill Electric Generation Farm


c) Accelerator: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (May, 1987)

This trial was designed to measure the accuracy and reliability of anomalous
cognition on directed energy systems. Obtaining receiver-dependent values
in a test environment would provide reasonable estimates for actual operations.


d) Rocket Test in Utah (October, 1976)

The target for this test-bed trial was a static test firing of a solid-propellant
Minuteman missile at Hill Air Force Base. The SRI team remained blind to the
target, and anomalous cognition technology was competing with a variety of
traditional sensors to determine if and when the engine tests occurred.

Static Test Dust Cloud


e)LLNL West Gate

The primary target for the session was a 50-MeV electron accelerator located at a
remote site near Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. During the 0800h session,
the target person was located in building A at LLNL; at 1600h he was driving through
the windmill electric power farm at the Altamont pass; at 2400h, he and the SRI personnel
were located within the accelerator building at the remote site.




for Scientific and Technical Intelligence

This report summarizes results of the three-year GRILL FLAME project, which terminated
at the close of FY 1983. -It contains key findings from the various project activities, and
identifies potential follow-on efforts. In addition to this DIA evaluation, the GRILL FLAME
project also has been reviewed by an independent Scientific Evaluation Team that met in
August and September of 1983. The scientific evaluation and recommendations will be
forwarded separately”


Key findings of the GRILL FLAME project are:

o Remote viewing is a real phenomenon, and is not degraded by distance or shielding.

o Remote viewing ability can be improved by appropriate training procedures.

o Remote viewing has potential for US intelligence applicacations. However, at this stage of

development, descriptive content (e.g., sketches, configurations) is more reliable than analytic

content (e.g., function, complex technical data).

o A potential threat to US national security exists from foreign achievements in psychoenergetics.

In the USSR and in China, this research is well funded and receives high-level government backing.


h) 1981 Memo on Grill flame meeting NSA Scientific advisery comittee

ITAC: There were a few.spectacular reports … the project confirmed with
uncanny accuracy the presence of a recently constructed major ditch array
and the number and type of elite units in a remote garrison area.

CIA: In summary of our experience with GF, thus far, tends to strengthen the
validity of the techniques involved and also indicates that its greatest utility
as an operational tool may be in the CI field.

JCS: In 16 out of 18 cases GF sources described the facility in sufficient detail
to allow positive identification.

ITAC: I would also like to compliment you and your personnel on achieving an
intelligence community “First.”

JCS: Therefore, it is the judgement of this analyst that extensive testing and
development of control procedures be accomplished before any final assessment
of the value of GF material can be made.”


i) 1972-1998 33 Key SRI projects/Papers/reports

1 – An Application oriented Remote Viewing Experiment
2 – An Application Orientated Remote Viewing Experiment (SRI-Project 8339)
3 – Geophysical Effects Study (SRI Project 6600) Dec 84 M
4 – Geophysical Effects Study (SRI Project 6600) Jul 84)
5 – Personnel Identification and Selection (SRI Project 6000)
6 – special orientation Techniques (SRI Project 6600) (PA
7 – Special Orientation Techniques S-IV (SRI Project 5590
8 – Target Search Techniques (SRI Project 6600)
9 – special Orientation Technigues S-V, S-VI (SRI Project 6600)
10 – Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) Technology
11 – Computer-Assisted Search (SRI-Project 1291)
12 – Feedback and Precognition – Remote Viewing Experiments (SRI Project 1291)
13 – A Remote Viewing Evaluation Proposal
14 – Free World Psychoenergetics Research Survey
15 – NIC Techniques (SRI Project 7560)
16 – Possible Photon Production during a Remote Viewing Task
17 – Special Orientation Techniques (SRI Project 8465)
18 – A Remote Viewinq Evaluation Protocol (SRI Project 4028)
19 – An Automated RV Evaluation Procedure (SRIProject 7408-12)
20 – A Prototype Analysis system for Remote Viewing Task (SRI Project 1291)
21 – A Suggested Remote Viewing Training Procedure (SRI Project 1291)
22 – An Experiment to Explore Possible Anomolistic Behaviour of a Photon
Detection System During a Remote Viewing Test (SRI Project 1291)
23 – Application of Fuzzy Sets to Remote ViewingAnalysis (U) (SRI Prolect 1291)
24 – Bacterial Mutation Study (SRI Project 7408-10)
25 – Enhanced Human Performance Investigation (SRI Project 1291)
26 – Enhanced Human Performance Investigation (SRI Prolect 1291)
27 – Enhanced Human Perfornance Investigation (SRI Project 1291)
28 – Enhanced Human Performance Investigations (SRI Project 7408)
29 – Feedback and Target Dependencies in RV Experiments (SRI Project 1291)
30 – Forced-Chance Remote Viewing (UL(SRI Project 1291)
31 – Location of Target Material in Space and Time (SRI Project 1291)
32 – Neurophysiological Correlates to Remote Viewing (SRI Project 1291)
33 – PSI Communications Experiments


Relevant Federal & State Evidence laws



Rule 902. Evidence That Is Self-Authenticating.

The following items of evidence are self-authenticating;
they require no extrinsic evidence of authenticity in order to be admitted:

Domestic Public Documents That Are Sealed and Signed. A document that bears:

a seal purporting to be that of the United States;
any state, district, commonwealth, territory, or insular possession of
the United States; the former Panama Canal Zone; the Trust Territory of
the Pacific Islands; a political subdivision of any of these entities;
or a department, agency, or officer of any entity named above

Rule 803. Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay.

The following are not excluded by the rule against hearsay,
regardless of whether the declarant is available as a witness:

Records of a Regularly Conducted Activity.

A record of an act, event, condition, opinion, or diagnosis if:

the record was kept in the course of a regularly conducted activity

of a business, organization, occupation, or calling,
whether or not for profit;

making the record was a regular practice of that activity;





As used in this article, "a business" includes every kind of
business, governmental activity, profession, occupation, calling,
or operation of institutions, whether carried on for profit or not.


Evidence of a writing made as a record of an act, condition,
or event is not made inadmissible by the hearsay rule when
offered to prove the act, condition, or event if:

The writing was made in the regular course of a business;
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Re: REMOTE-VIEWING Evidence Only

Postby nobody » 23 Mar 2015, 10:09

Link to many declassified documents.
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Re: REMOTE-VIEWING Evidence Only

Postby Kurobuta » 28 Apr 2017, 15:41

Great thanks for your answer! I will check it
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