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Discussion about UFO's, Aliens, ET's, Alien Abductions, Ancient Astronaut theories, etc.
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Pretty good video here

11 Jul 2009, 11:15

I hope it's not fake. It looks good at first glance, at least. Sorry that I couldn't find a full translation in English. Here it is:

Re: Pretty good video here

11 Jul 2009, 22:22

Interesting, but we don't know what it is. I wonder why it had to release all those balls into the air.

BTW, next time you post a youtube video, you can embed it into the post by putting it between the [youtube] and [/youtube] brackets. Or just highlight it and click the youtube button above.

I already embedded the video for you here.

Re: Pretty good video here

12 Jul 2009, 15:21

Thanks, I forgot about the youtube embedding thing.

Re: Pretty good video here

08 Aug 2009, 14:11

I don't see much in the video. It doesn't look to me like the other blobs in the video originate from the big blob. It appears to me that the other blobs come into the focal plane. Is this a flock of birds seen in smog?
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