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Discussions about Psychics and Psychic Phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Psi, Clairvoyancy, 6th Sense, Psychokinesis, etc.
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Re: ATT: ESP Non-believers, please participate.

14 Oct 2009, 01:43

Scepcop wrote:Quantum, what if a participant only does 5 or 10 trials? Would that skew your results? Does it matter how many people are involved in 1000 trials, for example?

No, as we've amassed over 2,000 trials for the broad-based experiment (i.e., believers & non-believers combined). It's the totality of the trials that matters in this type of the experiment (i.e., wherein individuals' hit rates do not matter per se), not how many trials individual participants conduct.

We need more trials for the non-ESP-believers experiment, however (we only have a few hundred trials amassed so far). So, non-ESP-believers, please participate:


Re: ATT: ESP Non-believers, please participate.

17 Oct 2009, 21:54

I didn't see this until now. I've participated and look forward to seeing the results.
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