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Discussions about the James Randi Educational Foundation and its Million Dollar Challenge.
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Editing and Deleting Posts on the JREF Forum

26 Sep 2014, 20:28

Several years ago I tried to start a thread with the same info that's in post #1 of this thread on the JREF forum.

The forum is programmed not to accept posts that have over a certain number of links so it was impossible so I posted that above link in several posts such as this one. ... ostcount=1

As you can see, the moderator simply removed them; it was impossible for me to show the viewers that info at JREF. It seems to be a government damage-control site that's trying to keep people thinking inside the box so the moderators delete anything that the disinfo agents working the forum can't try to obfuscate without looking silly.

Log in and go to the "Abandon All Hope" section to see posts of mine that got deleted. Whenever I started getting the upper hand in a debate, the posts in which I'd made my main points would get deleted.
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