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Discussions about Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine.
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Healthy Way for Weight Loss

07 Jul 2016, 16:15

Today, more and more people is suffering from fat. The main reasons for that are too much calories and too little exercise as we are too busy each day. So we need find a safe way to lose weight and keep ourselves healthy. Here is three natural plant extracts that you gotta to try. The first one is White Kidney Bean Extract, which can neutralize the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat. The second one is Green Tea Extract. The polyphenol in this product can reduce blood fat, thus it can help lose weight. The third one is Mulberry Leaf Extract, and it is working the same as the second one. These are all 100% natural from the plants and they are healthy products for those fatties.

Re: Healthy Way for Weight Loss

28 Jul 2016, 10:17

I heard that apple cider vinegar with lemon in your water can also do wonders :) for weight loss :)

Re: Healthy Way for Weight Loss

27 Feb 2017, 07:41

It's not that simple. It's not always the number of calories we eat, but the type of calories that caused weight gain.

The biggest cause of weight gain is eating fructose. Fructose can only be metabolized (broken down) in the liver, and fatty acids are produced. These fatty acids then cause fat to build up in the liver, but also around the belly, and through your whole body. If you really want to lose weight.. you need to reduce refined carbs such as bread and pasta, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and reduce the fructose you eat. Fructose is a natural sugar but it is found in fruit, maple syrup, honey, dates and if forms 50% of table sugar. It is also found in a very processed form in high fructose corn syrup and agave syrup. Check out this article which explains how to reduce your belly and body fat naturally

Re: Healthy Way for Weight Loss

27 Feb 2017, 22:10

Here are some good tips...

Re: Healthy Way for Weight Loss

08 Mar 2017, 13:22

If you want to lose weight faster, you'll need to eat less and exercise more. You can safely lose 3 or more pounds a week at home with a healthy diet. The key to healthy eating is to commit yourself to a plan that suits your personality and taste. I recently read an article- which explains about this. But what inspired me the most is an infographic that helps you to choose the right food depending upon your personality. I found it very helpful and thought to share it here. Hope it might be helpful for someone.

Re: Healthy Way for Weight Loss

21 Jun 2017, 16:31

george12 wrote:Eat a high-protein breakfast.
Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
Drink water a half hour before meals.
Choose weight loss-friendly foods (see list).
Eat soluble fiber.
Drink coffee or tea.
Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.
Eat your food slowly.

Nice tips, Some I am already following.
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