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Discussions about Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine.
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The dangers of mercury dental fillings

12 Sep 2010, 04:54

Fortunately, in a third world country like the Philippines, one can get dental work cheaply. But I wonder how complicated it is to remove mercury from teeth. Maybe a lot of my oversensitivity to sound is caused by the mercury in my mouth?

FDA Reluctantly Admits Mercury Fillings Have Neurotoxic Effects on Children ... lings.html

Mercury filling FAQ's

Re: The dangers of poisonous mercury dental fillings

12 Sep 2010, 18:10

Did you know it is illegal to throw away the mercury in your teeth because it's too toxic? In other words, it's legal to put in your mouth, but illegal to throw away! How blank up and ridiculous is that?

See this:

Mercury, the FDA, and the Truth

Look at these mercury vapors from this tooth:

Re: The dangers of poisonous mercury dental fillings

12 Sep 2010, 21:00

I'm not aware of ANY U.S. based dentist using mercury in their dental work, I believe it's now against the law to do so, not to mention the plethora of alternatives they now have available. That said, I get really peeved over the drama around Mercury; as a kid I used to deliberately break the thermometer when I got sick, just so I could play with the stuff... I recall my father bringing home a quart sized jar half full of it that we played with all the time. There are thousands of people in my age group with the same type of experiences. The point being that the EPA along side certain "left-wing factions" have made this and other things a ridiculous issue; if people deal with any sort of "poison" wisely there is no problem. The issue is, a group of folks have learned how to exploit the whole DANGER, DANGER game as a money generator... just look at our "Green" Economy and the lies surrounding it.

Yes! By all means, we need to be more responsible and work towards saving our environment and even restoring what's been damaged BUT, things are getting a bit carried away. :evil:

Re: The dangers of poisonous mercury dental fillings

16 Sep 2010, 18:12

I'm with Craig on this one. Back in the day I had a puzzle toy with mercury in it. You had to guide the ball of mercury through a maze type of thing. I also have a mouth full of mercury fillings and playing with the stuff as a child was common place.

Granted, mercury isn't something that you should play with but there are many common elements available that fall into this same sort of category. It's strange that when something is 'in fashion' or a big money maker, it's fine. Once it falls from grace or is replaced by another fad, it becomes some sort of problem.

Too much of anything can be harmful.

Our lives are run according to marketing concepts and 'yes', this whole 'green thing' is enough to make me want to puke. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon as soon as it was realized that it was a new and exciting concept. Not that it wasn't needed but so many are taking advantage of literally nothing more than their own advertising claims. They skew the facts to make it sound like their product is the next best thing since sliced bread and it's nothing more than a tweak in the old product that could have been made decades ago but now they can charge more money.

I love the whole healthy foods craze for example. Those 100 calorie packs of crackers, cookies etc. They give you less product, more packaging and charge you twice as much as a plain old box of crackers. What? We forgot how to count? We can no longer measure out 1/2 cup of a product according to the nutritional information on the side of the freakin' box? They need to do that for us so we don't get fat? Cut me a break.

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

28 Sep 2012, 20:01

Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit

FDA admits that mercury fillings are dangerous to your health! ... ction.html

Check out this inspiring testimonial from someone who had their mercury fillings removed:

"2 weeks ago, I had my mercury fillings removed... 4 in total, and they've been there for 7 years.

I knew I wasn't going mental, I was young when I got them in (aged 13), and have suffered conditions in which no one believed I had them.

I used to be very active until I got them, and you could count it as being a lazy teenager, but I would sleep 10 hours straight and have zero energy. I'd constantly, daily, feel sick, and everything lost its taste. I felt depressed now and again, and just didn't feel like my old self.

After doing a bit of research online and finding no answers and being to the doctors only to be told it was "stress", I finally drew a parallel between having a poisonous substance in my mouth and the conditions I had.

Despite governments and officials chiming in that they are perfectly safe, one begins to wonder just how STUPID they must think we actually are.

Logic alone tells me, if you take what is considered the most poisonous substance on the planet, and place it in someones mouth, where 24/7 it mixes with saliva, or creates a current change in energy... how on EARTH could that be safe or good for you in any way? Unbelievable.

How DARE they badger on about how safe mercury is in your mouth, when they have to remove it in protective gear and get it away safely as it's completely hazardous and toxic. It is disgustingly unbelievable that they've allowed that substance to be placed in peoples mouths for so many years.

Well back to the point in this post. I had two removed in my first appointment, and I swear to you this wasn't a placebo effect or anything. Almost the second they popped it out, my head and thinking became very clear... I usually go about feeling like a space-cadet, and all of a sudden this old feeling of clarity came back. After getting out of the dentists I felt great and tons of energy.

Now you could say, well... that's you EXPECTING that to happen because you read up on it that it would. So? With the mercury out I had immediate relief.

Final appointment, got them yanked out.. couple of days later, felt ill, felt like a detox kind of ill though. Very sore head (rarely get headaches) and general fatigue.

It's now been 2 weeks and I'm slowly progressing to how I used to feel back then. I used to be energetic and have a clear head, and I feel as if I'm getting back to that.

This post is just another to add to the long list of people who have had some sort of change by having that atrocious poison removed. I would encourage anyone at this point, who has the money, to consider having them replaced with the porcelain. God knows if I'd have known then I wouldn't have let the scoundrels place it in my mouth, I wish I had have known, I missed a lot of great things in my teen years because I didn't feel that great or up to it.

It's just one more way they bombard your nervous system from being in peak condition. Please don't ever get them put in.


Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

29 Sep 2012, 00:14

Scepcop wrote:Logic alone tells me, if you take what is considered the most poisonous substance on the planet, and place it in someones mouth, where 24/7 it mixes with saliva, or creates a current change in energy... how on EARTH could that be safe or good for you in any way? Unbelievable.

I haven't done any research into this issue, but just from a critical thinking perspective this quote isn't framing the question properly.

Let's accept that mercury is bad for you if you ingest it. The question to ask with regard to teeth fillings is: How much mercury is in the fillings, how much mercury is needed to cause problems to someone's health? Is there a way for the mercury in the filling to be injested by simply being in a filling?

Now, it may be that the answer to these questions is that there is enough mercury in the fillings to be dangerous and they can bleed into the stomach - but you need more than just logic to come to that conclusion. Now, what logic does tell you is that these are reasonable questions to ask and that I'd want to know the answers before having such fillings in my mouth. But logic alone can't determine if the fillings are safe or not.

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

29 Sep 2012, 01:13

When I was in my younger days, I used to be a dental assistant and prepared the silver (amalgam: and mercury to become the 'filling'. The amount of both naturally depended on how much of the tooth had been removed in the drilling process or how big the cavity was in a specific tooth.

Rarely was there more than a pea sized amount resulting in the final mixture per tooth and rarely was all of that mixture used per filling. I used to get the mercury all over me if the dispenser malfunctioned (or my hands malfunctioned).

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

18 Jan 2013, 01:35

I just went to the dentist yesterday. The facilities there were state of the art and modern. The dentist said that if I wanted to get my mercury fillings replaced with white porcelain, my health insurance would cover it. I would only have to pay a $5 copay. However, she recommended against it, saying that white porcelain fillings don't last as long as mercury fillings. Mercury fillings last a lifetime, while white porcelain fillings may only last a few years.

She also said that the evidence isn't that conclusive that mercury fillings are dangerous. In response, I presented a lot of arguments that were posted earlier in this thread, and explained to her why the Dental Association has a vested interest in denying it, due to the millions of lawsuits that would be filed against dentists if they ever came out and admitted publicly that mercury fillings were toxic to one's health. Also, the fact that dentists no longer use mercury fillings speaks volumes. She had no idea what to say.

What do you think? Should I get them replaced?

My dental X-Ray showed that I have 5 mercury fillings. I thought I only had two though, because I can only see the two in my bottom teeth but have no way of seeing the three in my upper teeth. Gee. 5 fillings is a lot.

What I don't get though, is how mercury can be toxic when removed from one's teeth, but is perfectly safe when inside your teeth. Doesn't that defy basic logic?

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

18 Jan 2013, 02:02

I haven't looked into this issue at all - we eat mercury any time we have fish. But as for your last question the relevant issue would be first: is there any way for the mercury to leak through the filling into your mouth and secondly is there enough mercury in them to be dangerous - even if not ideal.

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

19 Jan 2013, 03:56

Scepcop wrote:What I don't get though, is how mercury can be toxic when removed from one's teeth, but is perfectly safe when inside your teeth. Doesn't that defy basic logic?

No, it does not defy basic logic what ever that means. The environment outside of your mouth is greatly different than the environment inside your mouth. Just realize all of the chemicals that mercury fillings can come in contact with that you would never find in your mouth.

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

20 Jan 2013, 21:17

Check out what my friend told me about mercury fillings:

Well done for telling off the dentist. Those who believe mercury is "safe" are either dishonest or idiots.

However, I would say leave them in. Unless removed very carefully (using seals, vacuum cleaning, etc.), the removal process will release far more mercury into your system than years of just living with them. And they should last a long time... a friend of mine has mercury fillings 45 years old. Remember also that, after many years in your mouth, the amount of 'active' and 'exposed' mercury has greatly declined. Kind of like how the taste disappears from chewing gum after a while... there's still flavor after 15 minutes, but very very little.

Your decision, but before removing them make sure that the dentist is an expert in mercury filling removal and understands the risks and has the necessary equipment.

The white 'composite' fillings do last a long time. I have some in my mouth that are 10 years old, and from what my dentist here tells me, the formula has improved since then.

One other thing to remember is that dentists have the highest suicide rate among professionals, most likely due to mercury. And also remind that dentist that the bulk packaging that she receives her filling material in has a "WARNING: Hazardous substance" (or similar) label on it... yet when she puts it in patients' mouths, does she pass that warning along?

In my experience, virtually all modern dentists are no longer using mercury unless patients specifically ask for it. I think they know the truth, even if they can't openly admit it. I think admitting it in public can get them banned from the dental association... and the dental association is hoping that within a generation or so, people will just silently forget about mercury fillings without filing any lawsuits.

Another guy told me:

I actually know a decent amount about this because I had my mercury fillings removed several years ago. I saw the same evidence you did about the negative health effects mercury could possibly cause in the body since it is toxic. I also saw a video showing mercury vapor leaking from a filling and it stated that ALL mercury fillings leak!

I then started researching on the net to see what I could do to get rid of the fillings. I forgot what site I was on at the time but it explained that only qualified dentists who specialize in removing mercury fillings should be used because there is a whole procedure that needs to be followed in order to insure that you do not get exposed to mercury poisoning when they take them out.

Luckily I found a great dentist not too far from me who was trained in this very procedure. She is fantastic and is 100% against mercury fillings. My previous dentist sucked and he said the same thing your's did - no conclusive evidence. I asked him the same question you did and all he could say was, well lots of people have them and they have no problems. Ridiculous!

So anyway, you can look up details of the process but they use special equipment they put around your mouth during the procedure to make sure that they suck up anything to prevent it from falling in your mouth. They also very carefully make sure that all traces of the mercury are gone from your mouth. Then they put the white fillings in and finish up. After that they put me on a special supplement which for metal detox. They may have also had me on something prior to the procedure but I don't remember. I had about as many as you and they did one side first and then I went back for the other side.

By the way, if you go to the right dentist, they can also tell you how much mercury leakage you have. They have something that they touch to your teeth to measure it. Mine wasn't that bad but it did register a reading. She used those readings to decide which ones to remove on the first day - the ones with the higher leakage readings.

Any questions, let me know.

Re: The dangers of mercury dental fillings

21 Jan 2013, 02:01

Scepcop: have you looked into how much mercury gets into your system from the mercury vapor from the fillings and whether it does in amounts considered dangerous? Have you researched how much mercury you get from your fillings compared to how much you get just from the foods and air you eat and breathe?
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