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Re: Russell Brunson Exposed: Stupidest Scam Tactics!

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2016, 20:56
by Porkies
ProfWag wrote:
Scepcop wrote:I'm not helping him. How does this thread help him? It ridicules him and has the word "scam" in the thread title. That doesn't help him.

For one, there's no such thing as bad publicity. For two, I had to click your thread about him being on Fox News because I'm a news junkie and I had never seen him so there you go, another hit on his site. Turns out, as I had suspected, that it was a local news affiliate. Scepcop, you do know the difference between the National Fox News Channel and a local Fox affiliate, don't you? This is the second time that it has been claimed in this forum that someone was on Fox News when it turns out it was just a local affiliate. Hell I could get on a local news affiliate simply by calling them and telling them my farts don't smell.
To use Winston's words--"sheesh!"

I can confirm that dot com secrets is ridiculously bad. There's no way you'll make any money following his advice. Russell just makes money selling his crappy membership to desperate people, unfortunately I fell for it. Avoid this rubbish.