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Re: Pat Flynn - Is he a scam? Does he make what he claims?

05 Nov 2013, 22:42

Check out this interesting letter I got about my Pat Flynn blog article, which has received a lot of flak from his fans.

"I was reading the blog and his connection to other blogs. It seems all too fishy. Most of it is just about making money out of thin air. Really, they make money by telling you how to make money. No different than stock traders -- making money off your trades vs. you making money off investing. They trade on fear, desperation, and hope; intellectual and psychological, scammers. That's all they are. Instead of pyramid schemes they prey on the desires of those have fallen by the economic crisis.

I need to stop being so desperate. My business for 10 years is falling apart -- the need for the technology is dying (will explain more if you are curious). I went from 600 customers and now I'm down to 100. =(

The problem is those kinds of sites are feeding on exactly what I want to read and believe. I wish Santa Claus was real as well. I am feeling extremely low in self worth -- worse than I can explain, but I need to chin up and still think skeptically. I'm so glad I googled and found your blog. Better to be poor, sad, and honest, than a rich con-artist without any sort of moral center.

I just need to figure out a way to tap into my current customer base and find something to offer -- substantial, useful, and something I can believe in *thinking out loud*

Thank you."

And a commenter in the blog pointed out these discrepancies about Pat Flynn:

DerekHillsOctober 17, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Two things have done it for me on why i think he is 'loose' with his income claims:

1: He got laid off in the architecture industry, because there wasn't much demand in a recession for new buildings. Yet, THOUSANDS of people apparently wanted to enter it as they purchased his guide.
2: He recently laid off two of his virtual assistants. This STINKS. Surely, he would be taking MORE on rather than laying them off.

I have no doubt flynn makes good money from his blog, I just think he cooks up the figures big time.

Re: Pat Flynn - Is he a scam? Does he make what he claims?

26 Jan 2014, 03:10

Wow that Pat Flynn page in my blog is one of the most active pages in my blog now, with tons of comments. If you Google "Pat Flynn" it comes up on the first page of results at the top now!

Here is a recent comment in it about how Pat Flynn probably "faked it til he made it" which makes sense and sounds probable. ... ncome.html

smarthelpingJanuary 3, 2014 at 10:25 PM

Yes, 100% Pat did the "fake it till you make it" sales pitch to a perfect T. I know this for a couple of reasons. First of all I tried to do it for the past 8 months in a different niche and every single response he has given to these questions you guys have for him are the same responses I thought of to say to skeptics. It's a house of cards that has now made him money because of the shock factor.

The truth is 99.99999999% of people that try to make money the way Pat is explaining it will probably fail. The only way you succeed with a website and passive income is if you build your own company with real products and services that people like.

Then, you hire executives to run it and you just do what ever the hell you want because you are the owner and truly make passive income, if your company becomes successful.

Every single thing that Pat is soft selling on his website is to make him money and that is it. Also, there are so many factors that a professional internet marketer sees about Pat's operation that scream "fake it till you make it".

He is using the law of attraction to get people to buy into the dream. I am telling you I wish he did a success rate of people who sign up to his web hosting. I am guaranteeing less than 1% of people are living a comfortable life or making anything at all from the website they tried to build after going through Pat's "smartpassiveincome" blog.

You have to be the first to do something. Pat was the first to do this web hosting sales pitch very well. All of his work goes into maintaining the image so people keep buying into it. I don't mean to be sooo negative, but I hate seeing people waste 5 to 10 years of their life trying to make the kind of money Pat claims he makes.

If he just had the content value on his blog and didn't say how much he was making, none of us would even be talking about this right now for a few reasons and Pat would not be making as much money.

I believe he is making money now, but it's only because of the big numbers that are very very unrealistic for almost everyone.

If only I were his accountant, there would be some fun things to share I bet.

Re: Pat Flynn - Is he a scam? Does he make what he claims?

06 Jul 2014, 06:35

Check this out. Pat Flynn claims to have made $83,000 last month, and he's flaunting it at the top of his home page! lol

Also, look at his smile and photo below. Doesn't he look so authentic and down-to-earth, like a man whom you'd believe anything that came out of his mouth? lol (sarcastic)

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