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Re: The Disturbing Truth about Your Life (Read at your own r

15 Dec 2010, 01:26

derrida wrote:
Scepcop wrote:Btw people, this essay was not intended to be a scientific essay. But a figurative essay about the state of existence in general, or how one perceives it after a long quest of truth seeking. Incidentally and not surprisingly, many folks in the David Icke Forum and the ATS Forum agreed with this essay and said they've felt the same way for ages.

David Icke Forum agree to this?
so you mean you have the support of people that believe in interdimensional shapeshifting lizards that rule the world?
yep.. you are right.. it is not surpirising you got their support
i will go there to find supporters for my Cube-Earth theory..

Dude, don't generalize. Icke's fans do not agree with everything he says. They are not his followers. They are freethinkers who are awakened and highly intelligent. Only some of them believe in the reptilian thing. Many of his fans do not. You don't have to agree with everything a guy says to admire him or learn from him.

Re: The Disturbing Truth about Your Life (Read at your own r

15 Dec 2010, 01:28

Arouet wrote:
Scepcop wrote:The biggest lie that the controllers tell us is this: They want us to believe that without a ruling hierarchical structure, chaos will erupt and looting will occur everywhere. Therefore, we need to be controlled, like animals. This is pure fearmongering, and nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, a population with an awakened consciousness will be fit to rule themselves without the need for coercion by dictatorial rulers and governments. But society has done everything it can to keep us from awakening, keeping us in a state of fear consciousness and stress instead. They don't want us to know the nature of our true power and what we are. But we are consciousness, and we can change that by simply making a choice. The future of the world is in our hands. Will you choose fear or love?

AHHHHH! Now we're getting somewhere! The hint of an alternate system. Ok, so get specific: what would this system look like? How would it be set up? How would tasks be assigned? What would happen if someone didn't want to do their assigned task? What kind of rules would this system have? Who would determine these rules? Would there be any rules? If there were rules, how would they be monitored? How would we determine whether a rule was broken? What would the consequences be? How would resources be allocated? Who would do it?

Ok, those questions should do to start.

Uh... read the manifesto of the Libertarian Party. That's a start. They have some pretty good ideas.

Or consider the Venus Project? I am not a social engineer, just a philosopher, freethinker and truth seeker.

Re: The Disturbing Truth about Your Life (Read at your own r

15 Dec 2010, 01:32

You think that more people will be happy in a libertarian society? We've had such societies in the past: the strong exploit the weak even more in such a system! I'm actually pretty shocked that you would advocate such a system!
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