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Using the word psychic to sell betting software

21 Mar 2010, 09:46


The Psychic System was recently developed by Benjamin Street who was given the task of creating a working place betting system by his newsletter subscribers.

A large profit has been made since this system was first introduced and now anyone can get involved and make some of this money immediately.

So software with the word psychic in the title is supposed to help you bet on horses even if you are a novice at betting. My question is simple: if the system makes so much money, then why bother to set up a company to write, distribute, and sell it?

Re: Using the word psychic to sell betting software

21 Mar 2010, 23:36

The action is quite similar to how marketing groups incorporate the word or idea of "Magic" into a product association, it invokes the imagination and just like sex, it sells! If they could get away with having Jesus or Moses pitching the product, they would use it simply because the idea that something is "special" due to its association... if you buy this cream you'll look like this model... drive this truck and you'll be as cool as this actor or sports figure... use this software and you'll possess psychic-like ability/advantage, etc.

HOPE and the fantasy thereof, is the biggest sales trick going... look at the Obama presidential campaign :lol:
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