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Lady Luck

Discuss Other Topics not related to the Paranormal or Conspiracies (within reason of course).

Re: Lady Luck

Postby Kevin Kane » 13 Feb 2010, 20:55

Didn't answer my question. Should skeptics be certified?
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Kevin Kane
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Re: Lady Luck

Postby NinjaPuppy » 13 Feb 2010, 21:14

Kevin Kane wrote:Shouldn't a professional skeptic also be qualified or certified?

What a great question! I'd like to see this in a separate topic. Would you like to do the honors Kevin and create one?

ProfWag wrote:Look guys (and gals), please let me be clear about my standpoint. I do not like it when skeptics disparage or slander people. I really don't. One of the reasons I'm here is that I get frustrated with many of those at the JREF for doing just that without giving believers some sort of a chance.

Remember that the 'JREF' that you are speaking of is the Internet forum. It's not like it is the 'James Randi Educational Foundation' corporate office employees putting out those posts. The JREF forum is a fan based media provided by for his fans. Internet forums are merely a tool for open discussion on a wide variety of topics. They tend to attract like minded people with a similar attitude toward the main subject matter.

ProfWag wrote:HOWEVER, it is NOT just skeptics that disparage or slander. I've been on here for over 6 months now, posting quite regularly, and I can assure you than non-skeptics or anti-skeptics alike have done the same thing to me.

Once again, it's the nature of the beast. We are a discussion forum made up of people with diverse attitudes.

ProfWag wrote:So, it's not just skeptics that do this. I would like to think that myself, I promote honest and mature debate. I think that sometimes this forum was set up so that people who get disparaged over at the JREF have a sounding board here, but the actions of a few does not reflect that actions of ALL skeptics. At least, that's my perseption and belief.

Very few new members take the time to read the 9317 back posts in 793 total topics to get the flavor of this forum before jumping into a hot topic. Someone sees something they disagree with and they go to it. They don't know who is a believer or a skeptic sometimes, they just debate the subject material. That's what makes a forum interesting.

BTW, ProfWag, you joined this forum in August of 2009 and you have 1235 posts. That's more than SCEPCOP :D
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