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Re: democracy

PostPosted: 18 May 2010, 20:49
by ProfWag
drummy wrote:Is the biggest enemy to democracy the government and the police rather than terrorist? The government uses any excuse to strip away our civil liberties. Why should Americans be punished with more laws because of 9/11? I feel that the government uses fear of terrorism and the excuse to combat terrorism to gain more control over its subjects. Is the real enemy to democracy the government. And I am not just saying our government (US), but every government.

Not disagreeing, but besides having to take your shoes off at the airport or opening your purse at a baseball game, what civil liberties have been stripped away?

Re: democracy

PostPosted: 19 May 2010, 01:43
by Craig Browning
:shock: If that's my kid brother posting, I'm out of here :lol:

:oops: Sadly, I have a kid brother that buys into this sort of hype or, more to the truth FEAR MONGERING.

Since 9/11 there's bee a huge wave of it; be afraid of your food for this, this and this reason... be afraid of the weather... be afraid of your neighbors... we need a new law to protect our wimpy kids in school... we need laws that force X corporation from doing Y... :x I can't keep up and what irritates me most is that it all comes back to making this nation afraid of its own shadow.

Look at how huge the Identity Theft Industry has become in just the past two years

Not to sound like a conspiracy fanatic, but I think "Big Brother" is watching and it's not who Orwell envisioned (or anyone that at mushrooms on the Isle of Patmos, etc. )

Yes, we've lost certain "freedoms" kindof, sortof... for the most part we can still get away with Murder (just ask O.J.) and you can get away with much more when you have the money and lawyers to insure such (speaking of terrorism and public abuse).

If you fear the loss of your freedoms... VOTE! Get Involved with the process! Volunteer! EDUCATED yourself on BOTH sides of the issues and host discussions or do public speaking on the subject so the word gets out in a manner that is intelligent and allows people to decide things for themselves vs. some zealot act of apostatizing.

WRITE LETTERS to your elected official and touch base with them regularly with questions on "the issues". Again, speak to them INTELLIGENTLY not as a panic filled fool racked by conspiracy issues. Such tone will lead to your letter being tossed to the side and ignored. You want them to read and relate to what you send in . You want to capture their intellect, not just their attention.

Do a Blog... but make certain the content is enlightened and NOT more fear mongering.

If YOU take positive action, present information in a proper and clear manner (not emotionally driven though passionately charged), YOU can make things happen that can, over time, correct any kind of 'loss" you believe exists. Just make certain the loss is really there and get more than one side of the issue before you proceed with action.

Best of luck ;)

Re: democracy

PostPosted: 19 May 2010, 01:52
by ProfWag
Crag makes a good point in that the biggest threat to democracy is the people who fall under the democracy. If you don't like what's going on, you have the freedom to express your views. When the majority have spoken, then as mature adults, we should salute smartly, accept the decision, and move on to the next subject. My humble thoughts anyway.

Re: democracy

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2010, 17:01
by Scepcop
Check out my essay debunking democracy here:

The founding fathers never intended us to be a democracy, only a republic, which is rule of law. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence is the word democracy even used.

There are only two stable forms of government - republic and oligarchy. A true democracy is chaos and only a stepping stone to one of the two. See this video here for full explanations:

Supposedly, we are heading towards an Orwellian state. Listen to David Icke's lecture at Oxford. It makes a lot of sense and is absolutely brilliant. If you listen to Icke himself rather than just his critics, you will get a totally different view of him. I can promise you that.

Re: democracy

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2010, 21:10
by ProfWag
Scepcop wrote:. If you listen to Icke himself rather than just his critics, you will get a totally different view of him. I can promise you that.

If you smoke crack rather than listen to the critics who say it's bad for you, you'll get a totally different view of crack (well, at least for a while). I can promise you that.

Re: democracy

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2010, 08:33
by NinjaPuppy
Since ProfWag bought this topic to my attention today I was moved to do a bit of research on David Icke. I'm up to the 5th youtube installment (5 out of 11) of the David Icke videos that SCEPCOP is talking about. I'd like to address this statement:
SCEPCOP wrote: If you listen to Icke himself rather than just his critics, you will get a totally different view of him. I can promise you that.

My first findings in a Google search on David Icke was from Wikipedia. It was certainly not a favorable piece about the man. I was glad that ProfWag made mention of this particular thread because I decided to watch the video and so far Mr. Icke's attitude toward media and government are pretty much the same as mine.

I would say that SCEPCOP's quote is VERY accurate so far. I am rather impressed with Mr. Icke's topic material and the way he presents it.

Re: democracy

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2010, 21:50
by Craig Browning
Icke is an interesting character. I've actually enjoyed some of his articles and videos in that they do get one to THINK. I'm the type that is always trying to look at all side to each scenario and Icke has given me the catalyst at times, for doing just that. On the other hand, HE'S A NUT JOB :lol:

I think, like so many passionate people, he's blinded himself on certain fronts, which has prevented him from looking at things in broader perspective. The result is a kind of fanaticism that can be readily misinterpreted by others as well as misapplied.

It will always be in vogue to question authority in my opinion. That doesn't mean we must rebel or entrench ourselves in one single perspective, seeing all else as misdirection from the "truth" however. It simply means that we need to look at each option or "what if?" factor if we are to reach a sound, personal conclusion. ;)