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Office Moves Do Not Have To Be Traumatic…!!!

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Office Moves Do Not Have To Be Traumatic…!!!

Postby KateHayden » 12 Dec 2016, 15:26

Organizing an office move is hard. That’s the bottom line. There are multiple components, overlapping deadlines, and many opportunities to go over budget or face delays. An office relocation is the epitome of stress, but luckily there are some easy steps you can take to simplify your move and lower your stress levels.


So how does a company remain productive during an office move?

Plan the move in advance

If your business is in its busiest season, you may want to consider how occupied your employees already are. It is better to make your move during off seasons. Once you’ve planned the moving time, choose the right mover from the various professional movers in town.You can also browse online. But i can suggest you the best ones:

Designate a team

Designate a team for the move that will put aside some day-to-day tasks to focus on planning the move. This team can consist of just one person or as many as you need, but make sure they coordinate with your moving company.

Upgrade Equipment

If your office is using outdated equipment, consider using your office move as an excuse to upgrade. Purchase new equipment that can be delivered to the new location on the same day you move the remaining office items. This will not only save you on the costs associated with moving your office equipment, but also reduce some of the hassle.


Moving Checklists

Creating a series of checklists can make the process of moving your office a little easier. List each task that needs to be completed and include any underlying tasks that lead up to them. Designate individuals who are responsible for completing those tasks and monitor their progress.

Hiring office movers with the skills, resources and expertise needed to get the job done correctly will make a difference between a hassle-free, cost-effective move and an expensive disaster.

Kate Hayden
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Re: Office Moves Do Not Have To Be Traumatic…!!!

Postby OreeKoblentz » 12 Dec 2016, 15:32

Hi Kate Hayden

Thanks for this info,

I was really looking for some moving tips, as i am planning to shift my clothing business from swanton to maryland.And these helped a lot.

Cheers :P
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Re: Office Moves Do Not Have To Be Traumatic…!!!

Postby tedmaner » 26 Apr 2017, 23:54

Thanks for sharing, i will call them :)
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