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How is his defensive TO mmogo

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How is his defensive TO mmogo

Postby buynba2k » 17 May 2017, 14:43

How is his defensive movement and MUT 18 Coins ability considering his size?• Is he immediately ready to contribute to a team in need?• What position does he project to?• Should his shooting streakiness be a concern?• Does he look like a player with whom future teammates (read grown men) will like playing? Is it fair to compare him to Kristaps Porzingis, last year's big draft import?• What is his ceiling?You wouldn;t call Skal Labissière ;soft; if you knew what he;s been through -

Skal Labissiere couldn't feel his legs. For three hours, he was stuck in a crouched position, knees in his chest, nose pointing towards the ground, collapsed wall pushing down on his back. At 453 p.m. a vicious earthquake roared through Haiti. Labissiere was standing over his bathroom sink, washing his hands in preparation for dinner, when he felt the ground of his family's third-floor Port-au-Prince apartment begin to shake.

Minutes later, Labissiere, his mother and his nine-year-old brother were plummeting down towards the earth. The foundation of the apartment complex had withered away. For three hours, Labissiere sat there, in the dark. Unable to feel his legs, unable to do anything about the blood blanketing parts of his mother's face, unable to pry his brother's leg out

From under the weight of his family's computer desk.Close to Buy MUT Coins 160,000 people died because of that earthquake. Skal thought he was going to die, too, before his dad, Leslie, discovered his family amid the rubble and used a barbell to pry them free.Six-and-half-years later, you can understand why he's a bit miffed by all the fans, pundits and scouts who question his toughness. "
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