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Michael Cremo: hidden origins

Discuss Ancient Mysteries and Places - Atlantis, The Pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. Also Forbidden Archaeology.

Michael Cremo: hidden origins

Postby eroceanos » 18 Jan 2012, 07:03

Hello everybody, I'm new here and I like this site a lot. Exploring facts with an open mind is exciting, alltough it might leave you with a lot off unanswered questions... that's life!

I allways wonder about this lecture of Michael Cremo, with artefacts and human remains dating way way back in the history off the planet.

However, some evidence would suggest that the intervention theory of Loyd Pye isn't all correct, since anatomically modern human remains are found way older than 200000years.

Maybe someone off you could give me some reflections on this issue?
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Re: Michael Cremo: hidden origins

Postby Nostradamus » 07 Feb 2012, 03:03

He's a kook who makes up fairy tales and disregards the evidence. The good thing about Cremo is that he robs the pockets of the gullible.
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Re: Michael Cremo: hidden origins

Postby Sokjamania » 27 Mar 2015, 15:14

I'm looking for something new to read it a long time to come.
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