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Share or recommend interesting films and videos about paranormal phenomena, awakening topics, skepticism, spirituality, metaphysics, science, conspiracies, etc.
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Why I am not an Atheist - Darryl Sloan

23 May 2013, 15:59

Check out these great video talks by philosopher, thinker and author Darryl Sloan about why Atheism is not the best viewpoint and why science alone cannot explain everything. He makes many compelling, logical, sensible points that make a lot of sense. All Atheists should see these.

Why I am not an Atheist

Why one can't rely on science alone

Metaphysics: Where Atheism takes a wrong turn (here he explains why it is a big mistake for Atheists to outright reject any possibility of a metaphysical reality)

To download Darryl Sloan's free ebook "Dark Wheel", or get his paperback "Reality Check", go to his website at:

Re: Why I am not an Atheist - Darryl Sloan

01 May 2014, 00:52

Did any of you Atheists here see the three videos above? If so, what did you think? Does he make sense?

Re: Why I am not an Atheist - Darryl Sloan

02 May 2014, 06:58

I listened to 1.5 of them. What there a particular argument you wanted to canvas? He covers a whole bunch of topics and doesn't go into arguments in all that much depth. His basic argument seems to come down to there is mystery therefore the thing that makes the most sense is pantheism. I don't think he really does a good job of explaining how he gets there.

That said, from what I listened so far his position is pretty mild all around. so even where I technically disagree with him I don't think it makes that much difference. I suspect we'd basically agree on some stuff and where we disagree we probably aren't all that far apart. I suspect some of our differences would really just be semantic.

That said, I listened as I was falling asleep so I don't want to pretend I gave it my full attention. Last time I listened to him was a few years ago in one of these threads you linked to. I don't really remember what he spoke about in those videos.

Re: Why I am not an Atheist - Darryl Sloan

02 May 2014, 11:16

Yeah but Arouet, you are an atheist. What did you think about his reasons on why atheism is not the best viewpoint, and why science alone doesn't have all the answers? It made a lot of sense and is a must see for atheists. Please listen to all the videos when you are AWAKE. :P

Re: Why I am not an Atheist - Darryl Sloan

03 May 2014, 05:47

Whether science has an answer depends on the question.

Atheism is a lack of a viewpoint - i didnt hear him provide any detailed arguments at all. Can you summarize what you think is his strongest argument? His argument for pantheism seemed to be simply that he thought it maade sense. He doesnt really explain the logical steps he took.

What do you think his strongest argument is in these videos?

Re: Why I am not an Atheist - Darryl Sloan

12 Jul 2017, 21:04

Indeed, science alone can not be relied upon. I agree with him.
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