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Hearing Evil Voices from doing EVP

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

Hearing Evil Voices from doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 21 Mar 2016, 02:24

Hey every one,

just thought I shared a bit of something that has happened to me the past year.

I've been on/off interested in the paranormal for many years

last winter I decided to go active with it and started experimenting with EVP.

I didn't capture any at first but within about 2 weeks all of that changed and I started capturing many many EVPs everytime I did recording sessions

some were pretty clear, most were faint at first, but the more I did EVP and as the days went by all of the faint voices seemed to come into focus in a reached the point where I was holding conversations more or less with the spirit voices I was hearing

I admit, the more I heard, the more I was curious, the more I got lured in

at first all of the spirit voices I was hearing were seemingly benevolent and more time went by, some began to claim to be the spirits of family members and friend who had passed away, and in my ignorance, I fell for it all hook , line and sinker

after about a month, malicious, negative, threatening voices started to show up in my recordings, cursing at me, threatening me, all sorts of nasty stuff

it was slight at first so I just tried to ignore it and keep focused on the more benevolent voices I was capturing on my recordings

but as the days went by, it just kept getting worse and worse with the malevolent voices until they started to dominate my recordings pretty much

then one day while I was at work, near a running fan, I began to hear these same malicious voices speaking to me over the fan noise, quite loud and clear to,

this freaked me out, so I quit doing EVP all together, but it was already too late, I had already developed clairaudience

as the weeks went by, I kept having more and more of these incidents where I was hearing these harassing tormenting voices, mostly through a steady background noise, but not always

something else then started to happen...I began feeling weird physical sensations, mostly as I lay in bed, such as vibration sensations, pretty intense to, also for about a week, every night, whenever I crawled into bed, I would feel what I can only describe as a finger coming up out of the matress and poking me in the lower back, every night....sleep became a problem, so I started taking over the counter sleeping pills, but I was getting into such a panic about this, even they seemed to not be effective

then literally over the course of a single day in early April of last year, it all just exploded to an extreme level, voices everywhere...coming from all around and all kinds....again, mostly though through steady background sounds...I believe this must be the same effect as when EVP experimenters use white noise to enhance EVPs.

the voices were intense beyond belief, the physical sensations got worse to, I couldn't sleep for more than a few hours for two weeks straight...I could barely eat as well

I became a complete vegateble for awhile....I could go on and on, but it's been a year now, I'm still dealing with it, but it's not nearly as intense now, once I cgot a handle on my emotions, this subsided allot, but it's still ogoing for me every day.

I know this sounds like I just freaked myself out from doing EVP, but before that I had never heard voices in my life

since it started I have also found others accounts of this, as well as have met others who experienced it as well, their help and insight into it was the only thing that got me through it

anyway, moral of this post is, bad idea to mess around with this kind of thing, matter how it may appear on tv

yes, it's not that common, and I believe certain people are more sensitive to spiritual influence than others....the danger is, sometimes we may not figure that out until it's too late

Take Care,
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