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Back from noise

18 May 2016, 01:35

The most common electronic device in our lives is mobile phone. But people don't know that we need mobile phone jammer also. At first, mobile phone is used only to make calling at any time. But as technology develops, it becomes more and more powerful, could do more and more jobs for us. Now it has many functions: taking photos, playing game, recorder, Internet terminal, watching movie, playing music, navigation and so on. Also we must know that the mobile phone will have more functions in the future. Now it is our friend, in the future, it may be a part of us. But now the problem has come: too many people use mobile phone in public places that it cause much noise trouble for us, especially in some places that absolutely silence is needed. That kind of places include library, church, restaurant, concert, conference room, law court, movie center and others. Now the problem is, how to get us back to silence? Is there a way that we could disable the mobile phones but not hurting them? Yes, a mobile phone jammer could be the best solution. The mobile phone jammer is a kind of anti mobile phone electronic device, it looks like a mobile phone from outlook, and it could issue a stronger signal to cover and hide mobile phone signal, so all mobile phones in a certain place could not work. Want to know more about it? Lets take a look at this mobile phone jammer, the 50 Meters Jamming Range Adjustable Cell Phone Jammer with Remote Control.

This is a four-channel models mobile phone blocker with remote control, which can shield the CDMA, GSM, PHS, DCS and 3G mobile phones effectively. This cell phone jammer is designed only to block mobile phone signal without affecting the normal work of other electronic equipments. Besides it has an adjustable external power and a remote control switch. And once it has power supply, it can work steady for a long time.

What's more the phenomenon of the spark caused by the mechanical switch can be avoided by the special distinctive design of flow through the pressure of short-circuit protection and soft-start circuit. Besides depending on the signal strength given in an area the jamming range of this device could reach 50m.

This cell phone jammer can be used in places like jails, churches, meeting rooms and cars to create a peaceful environment. And the external omni-directional antennas all the TX frequency will only shield down link without affecting the base station.

Are you looking for a cell phone jammer like this? Jammerall is a good place, where you can buy high quality and economical products. Come here, contact us and add one to your chart.

Cover interface standards:
-CDMA: 850-894MHz
-GSM: 930-960MHz
-DCS: 1805-1990MHz
-PCS: 1930-1990MHz
-3G: 2110-2170MHZ
Total output power: 12W
Jamming range: up to 50m, the jamming radius still depends on the strength signalin given area
External Omni-directional antennas all the TX frequency covered down link only
Power supply: 5V 8A AC:110-240V ;50/60HZ.
Weight: 2.5kg

Above is a full bands mobile phone signal jammer, a helpful device for all of us. It could bring us peaceful lives, and get us back from noise trouble. It could be a good friend in our lives in many places when we need the silence. To get a suitable mobile phone jammer, please come to us. Here we offer many jammers for our customer from all countries.
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