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Bill Maher’s advice to atheists. + My plan of attack.

03 Apr 2014, 00:57

Bill Maher’s advice to atheists. + My plan of attack.

Atheists and non-believers, if you are to win the minds and hearts of the masses and end the evils of religions, you must become more assertive and confrontational if you are to show that your ways are more loving and moral that the ways of those who claim belief in a God.

Non-believers must also unite somehow but at the rate they are doing it, religions are just laughing at the non-believers. It seems that the religious right is better at such things than the political and religious left. At least for the moment. Regardless of what you non-believers think of associations, sociology says you should form one to give longevity to your ideals.

That aside, if you believe, or not, and you see the damage religions are causing, --- then for goodness sake follow my plan of attack.

Do not fear, God is just a ------

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