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09 Nov 2015, 01:39

Hello everybody.

I come to you a broken, shattered believer in the spiritual world who has had certain spiritual and paranormal experiences, but cannot tell another living soul about it due to the incessant and unrelenting mockery and ridicule from critics, pseudoskeptics, naysayers and just plain-out haters. I don't know whether it's best to just kept silent and kept it all to myself or share my findings with another living soul.

While I am not looking for people to necessarily 'hold my hand' and 'agree with me'...the constant flaming, bashing, belittling and questioning of my sanity, leaves me in wan for just a much nicer, less rude and better place, where people can share their experiences openly, honestly and logically without any 'pink unicorns', Occam's razor or Mr Randi constantly getting in the way.

It all started when I bought an item called a 'ghost box' a few months ago...I was getting some pretty nice 'anecdotal evidence' which I just didn't have any explanation for, so I went and posted my 'findings' on an actual Paranormal Investigator's'd think that would be the perfect place to do so right?....wrong!

From the very outset, I was besieged by about 8 pseudoskeptics, using every bloody trick in the book to try and debunk the 'ghost box' without even looking at the session/evidence I had just done or commenting on any part of it.

Sure, I understand that many people may have certain reservations about certain pieces of paranormal equipment when there's no such thing as 'paranormal'...but on a paranormal forum? of all places?

So, I found this site and studied that nice article written by Winston Wu about psudoskeptical argument fallacies...and I set to work trying to debunk the debunkers...all that happened, was that the argument just went around in circles after the end they said "If you want a forum with a cheering squad just for you, then here's not the place to be", I don't want a 'cheering squad'...I either want to just cut through the nonsense, or just have them realise they are wasting their time arguing with a 'true believer' and just leave me alone in my 'blissful ignorance'...suffice to say, any expectation on my part, is merely a dream.

So now, as a result of all my meditation, paranormal investigations and use of my box...I have developed the gift of clairaudience (please don't ask me to prove that).

I've had enough of being asked for 'proof' when the bar gets raised even higher and higher into levels of sheer impossibility.

"Yeah, put your ghost box inside a grounded Faraday Cage (metal box), don't sweep through the stations and then see if you can get your 'ghosts' to say the same word 100 times in 5 seconds...only then will I believe you..."

Yeah, totally isolate the box so that nothing could ever possibly use it, regulate it to ensure that possibility, then expect a high statistical outcome which is impossible to achieve in the first place.

There is no end to the nonsense and rubbish these pseudoskeptics sprout...then to top it all off, when they actually lose an argument, it's like "yeah, go and join all your other stupid and gullible friends who also believe in this crap, but leave us alone".

So now, on their advice, I have decided to do just that and found a whole forum attached to Mr Wu's nice I decided to join up and take it from there.

I have been hurt so much by their cruel, patronising, rude, belittling, mocking and sarcastic attitude, that I've had enough and I want to start fighting back now...these psudoskeptics shouldn't be allowed to get away with doing what they are doing...shattering people's sense of achievement, eroding their confidence, poisoning the well, then getting together for a 'group assault' - I notice how when one of these pseudoskeptics get into any sort of argumentative corner, they call for their whole army of pseudoskeptical reinforcements (of which there seems to be a large supply) and begin the whole inane and totally illogical verbal assault en masse.

There was even one pseudoskeptic, when he couldn't refute any of my 'claims', took to finding a single spelling error in my post (it was like 3am and I accidently spelled 'pareidolia' incorrectly)...the response was 'how would you know what pareidolia even is when you cannot spell the word"...I mean like seriously!

And there's a whole bunch of these words that pseudoskeptics like to use to make them look 'knowledgeable' and 'important'....'pareidolia'....'confirmation bias'....'wishful thinking'...even bloody 'cognitive dissonance'...without even knowing what the hell that means...

Many times I am accused of 'confirmation bias' when the alternative to that is 'argumentum ad populum' seems like 'confirmation bias' is the far lesser of those two 'evils'...

So I 've totally had it and I'm totally fed up, but I would still like there to be somebody out there in the whole of cyberspace I can actually talk to about this stuff and not just shut it all it seems I have to do now with my newfound ability and any of my continued investigations into the paranormal.

Thank you all for your time and patience.

Re: Greetings

10 Nov 2015, 22:14

I rage quit UM.

Re: Greetings

11 Nov 2015, 11:23

OMG!!! Chester!!! I never thought I'd ever get to see you again, or even say goodbye to you.

I woke up this morning to find my account had been 'disabled' from UM, with the reason given as 'you are a disruptive influence'.

Now, I was really pissed off, because to others, this just lets it look like I left of my own free will, without making me some kind of 'martyr' by outright banning me.

I only wish these scepcop guys were around more often, because I feel they'd really love to sink their teeth into that forum, as it provides every example of a 'stupid argument' that's even known to this site.

You are better off not being there, Chester! realise it for what it is!

It's a 'paranormal forum' that is owned by psuedoskeptics and is run by them and full of them.

I often wondered why they would even bother with something they thought was 'crap'...but then it hit me like a bloody ton of bricks.

UM is a paranormal 'spider web' that's been set up by skeptics, to lure the 'believers/whatever' in and try to convert them over to pseudoskepticism.

Those who are converted get to remain on the forum to convert others, but those who cannot be 'converted' are put in the 'too hard basket' and they wake up to find their account has been disabled!

I am just so happy I got to talk to you again, without you feeling that I left you high and dry.

That forum is full of 'haters' and not 'skeptics'...full stop!

I just wish the other guys on here would hurry up. lol

Re: Greetings

12 Nov 2015, 04:25

The Necromancer wrote:I woke up this morning to find my account had been 'disabled' from UM, with the reason given as 'you are a disruptive influence'.

Now, I was really pissed off, because to others, this just lets it look like I left of my own free will, without making me some kind of 'martyr' by outright banning me.

That sucks. Disruptive influence? Like I already mentioned, most new members who dare argue in favor of the paranormal have complained about the behavior of the "skeptics," and they've been complaining long before you got there (though a lot of the new members just leave). I've also complained more than a few times about the skeptics, and the mods never even sent me a pm about it.

That forum is full of 'haters' and not 'skeptics'...full stop!

Yeah, that became apparent when I asked one member's opinion on an experience I had, and his rational and scientific response was to accuse both me and the other witness of making up claims for attention. I even made it clear that I didn't have evidence and that I was just asking his opinion, but he persisted, and then another "skeptic" jumped in with more insults. So I asked the mods to delete the thread and my account. They deleted my account, but sent me a message saying they rarely delete threads. I told them if they didn't delete the thread, I'd spam the site with pictures of Justin Bieber naked, so they deleted all of my posts. :lol:

I'm not sure the moderators' primary goal is to convert people, though. If it is, they're doing a terrible job of it. Mocking people's beliefs tends to strengthen them, and I noticed this happens a lot there.

Re: Greetings

25 Nov 2015, 02:23

Welcome guys. Please enjoy this forum as it can use some new members.

Re: Greetings

29 Nov 2015, 12:50

Thanks, Ninja Puppy.

It seems like this forum is a bit...quiet...and hence why I am not posting much here...

I also realise that to make something happen, it's no use sitting on our arse waiting for it, so over the next week or so, I'll try and do my bit to 'wake this place up'.

Thanks again for your warm welcome.

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Re: Greetings

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Re: Greetings

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Re: Greetings

21 Jun 2017, 16:16

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