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Denying the Apollo Moon Landings:...

Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.

Re: Denying the Apollo Moon Landings:...

Postby SydneyPSIder » 06 Dec 2012, 06:51

Good luck and a speedy recovery, ProfWag.
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Re: Denying the Apollo Moon Landings:...

Postby Misha » 06 Dec 2012, 07:16

Arouet wrote:
Misha wrote:ProfWag, when you take someone's quote and juxtaposed it with a derogatory comment how is one to take it? I appreciate you clearing that up. And, you're right. I can personally say in the metaphorical sense that I am a son-of-bitch when it comes to truth. That means Irving or no Irving....

I hope your surgery goes well.

I'm not sure if there is some subtext here. Do you believe the Holocaust happened?

Arouet, perhaps you should start a thread asking this question so all forum members can participate IF they so choose.
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Re: Denying the Apollo Moon Landings:...

Postby Arouet » 06 Dec 2012, 11:42

It's only worth it if you think the answer is no. Otherwise, not much of a thread.
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