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Discuss Conspiracies and Cover Ups - e.g. 9/11 Truth, JFK Assassination, New World Order, Roswell, Moon Hoax, Secret Societies, etc. whatever conspiracy floats your boat.
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Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

04 Oct 2010, 00:30

My starting point in answering this question is a look at the symbol of the pyramid & all-seeing eye from the Great Seal of America, its Freemasonic origins, its usage by British Intelligence MI5, and the Freemasons' connection to the occult. What are the implications of joining these very obvious dots?

A look at the Freemasonic symbol of the two pillars & the chessboard floor, and its connection to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the primary source of modern magic. The Golden Dawn, in turn, draws its esoteric knowledge from ancient Egypt. This all connects, via Freemasonry, to high positions of power in world affairs. If magic(k) is real, what are the implications for the rule of the world?

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious connections)

04 Oct 2010, 00:49

Ok... I've not watched these videos, I simply don't want to waste more time listening to trailer trash mentality in which people haven't a clue as to what they are talking about.

Yes, "Evil" is an ominous presence in the world but it is NOT "Satanic" it is quite mortal... I don't think Satan, a one time Arch Angel that because Agnostic, could stomach some of the inhumane crap we human beings do to one another; I think he'd be a lot more compassionate than that... he was the highest and most beloved of all of heaven's host, after all. Just because he had a falling out with Daddy Dearest doesn't mean he's cruel and vile... a bit regimental maybe, but not some kind of scheming nasty seeking to "rule" the earth...

BTW... if you read your bible, he was in deed cast to the earth that this would be his dominion, it's all part of that "We are all born sinners" rhetoric the churchmen love to gush over.

So... even if all this stuff were true (noted in your videos) What Are We Supposed to Do About It? What Can We Do About It? You're talking about going up against a demi-god... I just don't think there are many mortals capable of such conflict. After all, I don't think any of us know how to kill a God so as to put an end to all of this insanity...


Hmmm... this kind of worked with all the Greek and Roman deities so maybe it could work in this case... :roll:

Stop Fearing the Bastard, stop believing in him and that other fellow that takes issue at everything and choose to live YOUR LIFE and stop allowing those two bastards to exist rent free in your head. The more of us that take on this attitude the less power and influence those two will have in this world and over time, we might just be able to create some semblance of Utopia here on terrafirma. When the gods and their cults cease to exist, man will have a hell of a lot less to get worked up over; he will no longer be able to justify prejudice under the banner of God and more importantly, we will no longer have ungodly wars enveloping the world because one cult wants to prove their idea of god is better hung than the other groups.

As I told my mother when I first went into recovery and she was screaming about how AA was Satanic (and there are those Christians that believe this) "If Satan can give me the peace of mind and heart I need for not living in fear and in a state of physical and emotional hell, then praise Satan and may the Gods bless him; for he's shown me far more compassion and healing than that other arrogant bastard that seemed only to want me dead."

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

06 Oct 2010, 20:38

Craig, why are you so closed minded and subjective? Darryl Sloan is the farthest thing from trailer trash. He is a very balanced thinker who admits "I don't know" when appropriate and asks a lot of big questions. He follows the evidence and changes his mind in accord with it.

That's more than you can say for most. Watch his videos and you will see. This is a TRUE skeptic. He has every hallmark of one. And a truth seeker too. But of course, it takes one to know one, so you have to be like us to appreciate us.

Furthermore, Darryl is very anti-Christian and has very good reasons for it, just as I did. His thinking is VERY balanced.

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

06 Oct 2010, 21:27

It's not being "Closed Minded" it's simply being realistic and choosing to edit the high drama and paranoia out of my life by doing so. I could certainly live my life in fear, finding the devil under every overturned stone, but I just can't believe that's a healthy way to actually LIVE vs. "Exist".

I'm powerless to change things IF such things were the case... but you do bring up a rather peculiar "issue" in your comment...

If this guy is "anti-Christian" I'll assume you are referring to the organization element and not the philosophy per ce. Otherwise, why would he be seeing the devil everywhere?

Another thing that should be pointed out is the fact that "Occult" does not mean "evil", just "hidden" or "forbidden" knowledge; knowledge & understanding that is reserved for those that pass through set stages of initiation... like, becoming a priest, bishop, poop, etc. these are all levels of initiation that give you the right to know certain "secrets" from within (in this case) the church organization. The Military as well as Law Enforcement.. .most every vocation or fellowship have "Occult" knowledge tied into them, that does not mean anything good or bad. What makes us ASSUME such, is the misapplication of the term by ministers, Hollywood and dime-store novelists.

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

06 Oct 2010, 23:09

He is not seeing the devil everywhere. You got him mixed up with someone else. This is a video by Darryl Sloan, a great freethinker and true skeptic. Listen to him and you'll see. This video is about Freemasonic symbols in different governments and speculations on the connections. It's an exercise in true skepticism and asking good questions. That's all it is. No paranoia at all. Watch it and you'll see how wrong you are. Trust me.

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

08 Oct 2010, 01:16

Winston... I have and still do study all the Freeman theories, holy blood lines, etc. Hell, I'm sewing it into a novel I've been working on for about two years now. But I will not buy in on some of the more extreme views when it comes to this stuff. There are only so many ways of using geometric patterns and as such, you will find some perfectly innocent parallels when it comes to the seals of nations or organizations, etc. And Yes, many of the American symbols do have Masonic imagery sewn into them, probably because our founding fathers were nearly all Free Masons and the only folk with the audacity to stand up against England (originally) and Rome/the Church of England. That does not mean they were in league with any sort of satanic plot or deviant group.

I'd recommend you take some time to visit the Los Angelos Philosophic Research Society ( and actually learn a bit about what Free Masonry IS and was, the truth behind the various secret orders in history as well as their one big agenda -- the solidify and unify mankind under a single cohesive spiritual sense of consciousness that allows the individual to excel free of dogmatic implication and fear of persecution.

Free Masonry encourages honesty, honor, integrity and grit. It honors the idea of a divine essence but not "God" as any one group might define such.

Stop allowing your love for these conspiracy theories rule your life and how you see things, my friend. Get a good stiff drink of coffee and wake up to the far simpler reality as to what is and isn't. ;)

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

08 Oct 2010, 02:45

Scepcop wrote:Furthermore, Darryl is very anti-Christian and has very good reasons for it, just as I did. His thinking is VERY balanced.

And yet you believe in Christian religious anti-science Intelligent Design Creationism just because you saw "Expelled" and it went against the mainstream view of evolution. As we all know you agree with anything that goes against the mainstream view.

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

15 Feb 2013, 03:02

Here is an alleged secret Masonic ritual filmed in Turkey by a hidden camera. It also contains an alleged Satanic ritual with a goal sacrifice. English captions are included. What do you think? Is it real?

Here is a weird dramatization of an Illuminati execution ritual. I don't know where it's from and it's not even in English.

Re: Do Occultists Rule the World? (obvious dots)

15 Feb 2013, 04:58

Just boys clubs. Animal sacrifice is a pretty old ritual to propitiate the gods in many cultures, anthropology tells us. Doesn't really amount to a hill of beans.
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