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You need to do is identify the V Ribbed Belt

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You need to do is identify the V Ribbed Belt

Postby MaryStuart » 07 Jan 2017, 10:08

How to Modify a Rubber Belt

Drive belts are simply belts which help to force the various components such as normal water force, air conditioning equipment air compressor and others which connected to the engine of an vehicle. Generate belts used in vehicles are of two types: V- kind (used in old automobiles) and Serpentine (used in new automobiles). Like all other areas drive buckle also needs frequent servicing. If you are listening to squeaks from under the bonnet of your car then chances are that the root cause is the drive buckle and it’s a chance to adjust it.

Changing the drive buckle is something you can do at home without the need of an experienced auto mechanic. If you have some knowledge about vehicles and would like to try this on your own, in this OneHowTo content we're going to explain how to modify a drive buckle.

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The first thing you need to do is identify the drive buckle. The V- kind belts are looped around two pulleys. Also there are more than two belts which overlap each other developing a V form. The courbe buckle is readily available as it is a personal buckle which weaves through several pulleys.


The second step is to look into the buckle. If the buckle has break or V Ribbed Belt is frazzled or showing signs of deterioration or it is losing some sections then you must substitute the buckle. Also if the buckle has coolant or oil on it then it needs to get changed. Using this kind of drive buckle may cause issue as it won’t run all the various components of the engine effectively.
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